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"Mercedes Maybach" - the car belonging to the production of the famous sub-brand of the Stuttgart concern. Mercedes-Benz has decided to revive the not long ago defunct Maybach. And now under this name produced some of the most luxury cars.

Mercedes Maybach

Model Features

The First thing I would like to note that "Mercedes Maybach" their appearance is very similar to the specimens of the standard S-class. The only thing that distinguishes it is the grille larger sizes, special nameplates, wheel design, and also transformed the design of the rear doors (they become shorter by 6.6 centimeters).

This car longer than their predecessors by as much as 200 millimeters. Became larger and the size of the wheelbase - it had increased to 3 365 mm. But most of all was the seat - the manufacturer took care about the comfort of its passengers and increased legroom. Moreover, the figure was more than twice - 325 mm against 166.

 Mercedes Maybach s600 Driver part has not changed much, but here in the rear seats has had some updates, and quite significant - these include a massage function, and electrically adjustable. By the way, the back drop, the maximum angle is 43.5 degrees. Even for the passengers in the back row, was made folding tables, and climate control. He is very special, as is equipped with a function of ionization. Needless to say, the cabin is even possible to spray exclusive perfume!

And finally, the last addition, the proposed surcharge is a bar with two glasses, made of silver by hand.


It is Worth noting that a new "Mercedes-Maybach-S", whose sales started in February this year, was transformed in all plans - both technical and externally. Special attention the producers have paid to the comfort - it can be claimed only on the basis of all of the above. But that's not all. The developers have put maximum efforts in order to make the car cozy and comfortable, and they got it. It is the quietest sedan in the world. Needless to say, the eminent concern has outdone himself. By the way, you may notice the side Windows, which are placed on the rear rack. At the expense of their passengers are virtually invisible - thanks to it they feel more private.


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All the elements that affect the acoustics and noise have been improved and modified, the result can be seen. Even mechanisms that are installed in seat belts, were subjected to modernization.

Welcome novelty

Brand New "Mercedes-Benz Maybach" was one of the most anticipated cars. And I must say, he lived up to expectations. In February 2015, the year the world stood "Mercedes Maybach S600" with six-liter V-12 engine type twin-turbo and seven-speed automatic transmission. Its capacity is 530 HP! But that's not all. A little later the light came another model - S500. It is a less powerful machine produces 445 "horses", besides she's not the 12th, and V8-th engine of 4.7 liters. And automatic transmission on 9 levels, not 7.

Mercedes Maybach s600 w222 photo

Each of the proposed modifications reaches the speed of 100 km/h in just five seconds. And both versions have a limitation of 250 km/h But that's not all. This summer, in July, the S500 will get an all-wheel drive version of the 4 MATIC. Do not forget about the existence of the Pullman limousine, which can still take on Board two people.

Interior and exterior

"Mercedes-Maybach" looks amazing both outside and inside. This is not surprising because the car is representative of a premium. Inside, in addition to all of the above, installed surround sound system (and not some simple, and Burmester), loudspeakers (necessary for passengers it easier to communicate with the driver) and multicontour seats.

Mercedes Maybach photo

It looks very expensive (as, in fact, is in fact) - the decoration was used Nappa leather, high quality wood and chrome, exquisitely emphasizing the wealth and luxury of the cabin. By the way, many think that that looks beautiful, convenient and practical, can not be. In this case, all not - so- new "Mercedes-Maybach" refutes this. The first thing the developers thought about the comfort of its customers. Just not every manufacturer is able to successfully combine quality and practicality with beauty and aesthetics. But not "Mercedes" - and all fans of this German brand is well known the truth.

Driving comfort

The Man who will one day sit behind the wheel of such a car as "Mercedes-Maybach" S600 W222, a photo that shows us a luxurious premium car - don't want him to get up. The driver of this beauty truly has everything you need - enhanced instrument panel, which is very easy to use, minimum number of buttons on the main console, wide screen modern on-Board computer stylish and also multimedia system. However, this is not all provided to the driver. Yet it is worth noting the attention deflectors climate control system, made in classic style, a comfortable armrest, and finally just sized tunnel that separatesfront passenger from the driver.

This is only the minimum of what you need to pay attention. It is impossible to describe the magnificence of the execution of the cabin. Of course, there is no limit, however, there is hardly a car that from the inside looks more luxurious than the "Mercedes-Maybach S600 W222". Pictures to prove it. And all this is done not just for the sake of beauty, but also for the sake of convenience is the most valuable.


Of Course, it is understood that "Mercedes-Maybach" is not a cheap pleasure. This car shows status of its owner, shows his excellent taste and, of course, condition. "The Mercedes Maybach S600" is offered to the Russians for 12 million rubles. If you want to buy a different version, S500, there is no need to pay that amount - it is sold cheaper over eight million. By the way, the manufacturer assumed that an improved car will be sold at a price two times higher than that applied on the original sedan.

Mercedes Maybach s

Interesting features

Many people believe that if the car is powerful and expensive, then it will have to spend a lot of money in terms of maintenance and refueling. First, I would like to say that people afford the car more than ten million rubles will hardly think about it. And secondly - in this case, these stereotypes are easily refuted. The average fuel consumption of this car is less than nine liters per 100 kilometers! In this version of S600. If you buy the S500, you will need to spend more on petrol - rate of equal to 11.7 liters per "hundred".

Mercedes Benz Maybach

Package contents

"Mercedes-Maybach", photos which allow you to verify that it's really almost a perfect car - one of the best projects of the world famous group. What about its equipment? Probably need to ask - and is it any wonder at all these questions? As equipment the manufacturer offers everything that can be recreated in a modern luxury sedan. This car will be a very long time to find a decent competition. It could be called excessive praise, if it was not a statement of obvious fact. The name "Mercedes-Benz Maybach" speaks for itself. Who-who, and this group knows a lot about expensive and exclusive cars. They gave us a powerful AMG super-fast SLS, the legendary W124. Now in the ranks of the masterpiece creations of this automotive manufacturer, there is also "Mercedes-Maybach".

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