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In our country, the winter often comes unexpectedly. In this case, do not have time to prepare not only motorists, but road service. So often we have to drive on snowy and obedinennyi coatings. On summer tires make it almost impossible. Therefore, motorists are very careful about the choice of winter tires. Some models have excellent grip, but quickly come into disrepair due to the loss of spikes. Others have the opposite. How to find the best option? You should not choose the cheapest model, and buy tires from unknown brands. The best regarded tyres from well-known companies that value their reputations.img alt="dunlop graspic ds3" src="/images/2018-Mar/27/6306667ded89d5939bdeefcf74d0a6c7/1.jpg" />

If you are concerned about quiet operation of the car, it is best to give preference to "Velcro" - non-studded tyres. They have excellent grip due to the modified rubber composition, which includes different additives.

Among these models the most distinguished Dunlop Graspic DS3. Most motorists are completely satisfied with these tires. Below you will see these tyres as they have a number of features and advantages over other models.

This article will be useful for those looking for winter tyres for your car and have looked after this model of tires, but can not accurately be determined.


When creating tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 has been used only the most modern technology. One of them allows the tire to have outstanding traction, passable properties as well as perfect directional stability and short braking distance. It largely depends on by changes in the composition and tread pattern, as well as other components of the dunlop graspic ds3


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Modern technology

During the development process Dunlop Graspic DS3 has been the technology of Digital Rolling Simulation. It allows you to increase the contacting area of the tread with the road. Because of this, several improved properties and characteristics. Grip on any type of roads becomes much better, as the maximum tread contact with the road surface. Also increases the wear resistance. This is already achieved due to the fact that the wear is more even and not different in all places.

This improves the overall impression from the operation of the vehicle as the driving becomes comfortable. For motorists this is an additional savings, as the tires will last for more seasons than previously.

Additional rigidity of the tread

Many of the properties and characteristics of tires depend on the tread. It helps to change the behavior of the car. Tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 respond quickly to the steering. Also, significantly improves the gripping properties.

At any turn of the wheel the car reacts instantly, not in a short period of time, as many other models. This significantly increases the level of driving safety.

Winter is not always the driving takes place on wet or snow-covered surface. Often have to travel by car on a dry track. In this case, rubber Dunlop Graspic DS3 doesn't lose grip, and saves it.winter tires dunlop graspic ds3

The tread pattern is designed in a way that does not impair grip on any surface. To operate the car on both dry and snowy or obedinena coverage. It is not necessary to worry about safe driving, it is guaranteed. But do not forget that when driving on dry asphalt tyre wear is greatly increased, therefore, operate only for such coverage is not necessary.

Drainage system

In Winter, the roads often on top of the asphalt there is moisture or snow and crushed ice. Therefore, to maintain the clutch in this coating should be developed drainage system at the tires. Have winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 is represented by a set of grooves that constitute the canaliculi. They get wet, which is then efficiently excreted in the surface of the tires, while not compromising traction. Also, these grooves are clogged with snow, and its surplus output. So it turns out the effect is achieved by the bonding of snow lumps with each other.

The Tread blocks

The tread Blocks is now greatly changed. Besides other sizes and shapes they became more rigid. Because of this changed 2 features. The most important – is ensure safe driving. Now while driving wheel much clearer and respond faster to steering, so the driver is easier to assess the situation on the road and to take the necessary measures. Also due to the more rigid blocks, the wear resistance increased significantly. Now tires can be operated longer than graspic ds3 215 55 r17

The View of motorists

The Dunlop Graspic DS3 Tires 215 55 R17 many motorists are considering for purchase. However, they do not know whether this model or is it better to find another one. In this case, it is best to read reviews and opinions of motorists on these tires. In different sources you can find a lot of information about them.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these tires? Of course, this can be seen if you drive a car with such tires, however, it can do not all.

The First advantage – it is relatively lowcost. It is about 10 thousand rubles, depending on place of purchase. Also on the tread of the tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 185 70 R14 no spikes. This makes the vehicle operation more quiet and comfortable. In freezing temperatures the tires begin to harden and remain soft due to the changed composition of the rubber. The clutch remains on the ice and snow, but on dry pavement. Tires also proved to be excellent when overcoming snow drifts.

This model has disadvantages. Explained in more detail below, and is now considered only the main points. Tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 175 65 R14 are absolutely not suitable for regions with predominantly mild winters. The fact is that at zero temperature the tires are very soft and the operation of the car becomes much more graspic ds3 185 70 r14

Negative sides

The network has a lot of positive feedback about this model. However, with them you can find the reviews where I describe the negative side of the tires.

Most often in the negative reviews say that the tyres stopping distance is longer than other models. To some it will seem a minor drawback, however, most motorists do not buy this model. The thing is that safe driving is largely dependent on the braking distance. After the winter the roads are often covered with ice and the braking and without it becomes much longer. These tires are suitable for those who travel slowly and has an excellent response. In this case, the model is able to provide safe driving, as the obstacles on the road to slow down time will work. If you don't consider this a fault, the bus can be considered an excellent choice.

Overall impression

Of Course, the tyres have one major drawback. However, in spite of it, tires are in great demand. Most motorists leave positive feedback about the model. They say that tyres contribute to safe driving without any distractions, thereby achieving maximum driving pleasure. Best tires showed itself in an urban environment. Where the roads are often cleared of snow and dry. In this case, they retain excellent grip, and other important properties. For movement on the highways these tyres are not good, as there is often the canvas is covered with a crust of ice. In such conditions the tire shows itself not very good. For such conditions best suited studded model. Overall, if you consider the cost tires Dunlop Graspic DS3, then it is safe to say that the quality of the tires is totally worth the price. Talking about it, and graspic ds3 185 60 r15


Basically, all motorists who have installed these tires, I suggest them. They also leave recommendations for others.

Bus is show themselves on dry pavement. However, they can also show themselves in snowy or obedinena coverage, if you follow all the traffic rules. While respecting speed limits and calm driving style noticeably grip and short braking distance. If you drive faster than the permitted speed, especially in winter conditions, safe driving will not be able to provide almost any model, even studded.

All this is confirmed by testing from the company Dunlop. In the study model Graspic DS3 all the declared properties and characteristics are fully confirmed. This means that the cost of tyres is graspic ds3 175 65 r14


Tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 185 60 R15 will be perfect for motorists who prefer a quiet style of driving and operate the machine solely in urban environments. On ice and snow indicators are also saved, but only if to observe the speed limit and not to make any sudden maneuvers.

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