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Products North American company Arctic Cat is familiar to fans of extreme driving on snow cover. Conveyor “Snow cats" produces maneuverable and reliable snowmobiles with high power potential. These characteristics of today can hardly surprise connoisseurs products, but there are features of this brand. The developers clearly segmentary model line, making each model a particular set of characteristics required for specific purposes. Along with a variety of modifications worth noting, and new technologies that strives to embody in its products, the company Arctic Cat. Snowmobile of the brand – and quality of components, which increases the service life and technical stuffing of the power structure. Read more to see the products of this brand will help an overview of the model line.

Utility series Bearcat

arctic cat snowmobile

Representatives of this series are designed for operation in harsh environments. This apparatus with a high throughput, robust design and convenient layout details. One of the most successful examples is the line Bearcat snowmobile Arctic Cat 580. Features dvuhterabaytnogo engine models provide 90 HP, coupled with a 2-cm grossarea allows its use in economic Affairs. Also, the device has a long and extended the caterpillar, which is the ability to tow heavy loads even when driving on slopes. In General, the models of this family are known for rigidity and low rise, which also affects endurance and high-torque. However, to fully unlock the potential of such a snowmobile can only be experienced user of motor vehicles.



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Jumper model

snowmobile arctic cat 580 specifications

If the model Bearcat, by and large, designed for “processing” snow offroad for practical tasks such as cargo delivery, the jumper line designed specifically for the application or overcoming the impenetrable virgin. So, snowmobile Arctic Cat Bearcat 570, which is the 62-horsepower engine and rear suspension to overcome the barriers to transport cargo. In contrast, the cross-connecting apparatus XF 8000 has in the Arsenal of 160 HP and is supplied with a branded Race suspension, stabilizer complemented by sustainability. Taken together, these data allow us to guarantee the optimal progress in any conditions. Decent capacity this snowmobile is supported by structural features whereby the user can operate the apparatus surrounded by snowdrifts without the rolled surface.

Tourist line Pantera

In this case we are talking about less powerful machines, which ensure high functionality and comfort in use. Some models are supplied with two seats heated. We should also consider the machine Pantera 7000, which is equipped with 4-stroke engine 127 HP, Race suspension and shock absorption system IFP. By the way, similar characteristics, features, and Yamaha snowmobiles Arctic Cat Z1 with the same engine, but the capacity is only 123 HP, the Main differences lie in the rear suspension and overall weight. Travel models weigh an average of 50 kg less utilitarian counterparts. As for the suspension, it is the case with “Panthers,” provided a sliding system with adjustable torsion bars and blocks conjugation.

snowmobiles arctic cat reviews

Mountain snowmobiles

These models can also be called sports. They are characterized by light weight, optimized for high-speed quality suspension and high power potential. Dignity mountain snowmobile nice illustrated version of M 800, which is one of the first in this class, Arctic Cat. The snowmobile is equipped with 2-stroke engine, the output of which is 160 HP, it also used high-shock-absorber system Fox Float EVOL that provides comfort for the user and simplifies control of the machine. There are differences in suspension design. In particular, the rear three-point system is realized by the axial movement. The model's weight is approximately 220 kg, which is almost a record among adults snowmobiles.

Hybrid model

This category can be considered as universal. But I must say that this does not mean providing high performance in all conditions. For example, the model ZR6000 can be used when driving on snow impassable terrain, and to participate in sports only in the middle class. The filling uses a 123-horsepower engine and dampers to the suspension from Arctic Cat. The snowmobile has a small mass of 234 kg, which makes it easier to control. But again, the disclosure of its advantages depend on the nature of the application. This is a balanced machine that can take a middle position in different segments, but to deal with competitors specialization of the universal qualities will not be enough.

snowmobiles arctic cat bearcat

Snowmobiles for kids

Manufacturers have long mastered the principles of developing children's Quad bikes. In turn, Arctic Cat offers a little extreme and the ability to ride a snowmobile. Of course, such modelsthere are significant differences from the full versions. In particular, design are equipped with safe suspension, comfortable seats, stable ski, an effective system of shock absorbers and other means that will allow parents to relax in the process of observing a child on the motorcycles Arctic Cat. Snowmobile ZR 120 is one of the latest developments in this segment. It has a small capacity, 3.5 HP, air cooling system, front suspension system AWS with shock absorbers of the hydraulic type, and the total weight is only 75 kg.

snowmobile arctic cat bearcat 570

Reviews about models Arctic Cat

Mark is not widespread, and yet among the owners of its products meet and athletes, tourists and just people who need a vehicle with good maneuverability in the snow. Accordingly, there are different advantages and disadvantages that have snowmobiles Arctic Cat. Reviews most users say the desire of the founders to rational use of minimal resources of the device. And high capacity, and rugged construction, and ergonomic benefits – all this is achieved through the optimal combination of different technical solutions. But this same commitment is reflected in the shortcomings. In the end snowmobiles are criticized for meager additional equipment and minimal functionality. However, the lack of options is felt only in the background of more advanced competitive models, which in this case can play in the basic operational qualities.


snowmobiles arctic cat z1

Modern snowmobiles are mostly considered as a Playground for integration of new technical solutions that attract buyers. Not spared this fashion and North American manufacturer. For example, snowmobiles, Arctic Cat Bearcat in every new version master more sophisticated system of depreciation, not to mention increasing the power capacity. But the peculiarity of the company is preservation of the best traditions of design motorcycles. Partly this is due to the orientation of designers on rationalism and a balanced ratio of different operating parameters. In addition to streamlining internal components, this approach allows to reduce the cost and snowmobiles. By the way, a low price without loss in quality – one of the strengths of the manufacturer.

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