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Because of the vastness of agricultural land, and developed the construction industry of the USSR needed a large amount of equipment for appropriate purposes like tractors. The most massive tracked the Soviet model is the DT-75. Kazakhstan has established its production in 1986 at the Pavlodar tractor plant. This model tractor class "3". Below we have outlined the General history of the machine, its features and peculiarities of the Kazakh versions.


DT-75 was developed as a replacement for DT-59. The first prototype was assembled in 1956 By the test results 4 years later began the modernization of the Volgograd tractor plant for the production of a new model. It took 3 years, and in 1963 started production. Since 2009, produced more than 2.7 million vehicles. In 2013, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the model.DT-75 "Kazakhstan"

DT-75 "Kazakhstan" began in 1968 at the Pavlodar tractor plant, as the Russian plant alone could not meet the demand for this car. It was produced in several versions until 1998 when the company went bankrupt.


All components and assemblies of the machine are mounted on a welded frame. It comprises two longitudinal spar of rectangular cross section with cross ties.

Bulldozer DT-75 "Kazakhstan"


Originally the tractor was equipped with engine SMD-14. This diesel power unit 75 HP Version 75N equipped with SMD-18H, different from the above-mentioned engine by the presence of the turbocharger, which provided a capacity increase of 20 HP Modification has a 75M motor A-41 with a capacity of 90 HP Options 75Б and 75К was equipped with power unit SMD-14НГ capacity of 80 HP On the current version 75ДЕ mounted diesel engine A-41СИ.



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7-speed gearbox four-way is with the rear axle in a single package. The clutch is permanently closed disc, dry. Version 75К was distinguished by the presence of reverse-reduction gear.


Rear axle is equipped with two single-stage planetary turning mechanism with belt brake. Itself suspension includes guides and drive wheels, support rollers, balance of the carriage, the two track chains. A special chassis had swamp version 75Б. She expanded the track link and has provided the possibility of lowering the guide wheels to increase the support surface and lowering pressure.


The First models had a cabin, unified with the GAZ-51, presented double-metal sealed compartment. On the version 75M increased the swage line of the ceiling and bent control levers to the tractor. Cabin special design modification for work on steep slopes 75К. She had the authorities duplicate control. Since 1978, we began to install the new suspension of the cabin with feathers. It shifted to the right from the axis, and the vacant seat mounted fuel tank high capacity.

Kazakhstan modifications

The Pavlodar tractor plant was founded in 1966, originally for the purpose of issue of these tractors. In 1968 he started the production of parts sending DT-75. In the same year launched the DT-75 "Kazakhstan". It is produced in versions 75M, 75ML, 75T, 90П, 75МЛК. They further considered in more detail.

feature DT-75 "Kazakhstan"


Production DT-75 "Kazakhstan" started with this modification, and a little later the issue was transferred to Pavlodar tractor plant where Assembly continued until the late 80s This machine is designed for agricultural work.

Consider a modification of the first equipped with a of 7.43 litre engine AND 41И 94 HP Later it began to set for 4.75-liter engine D-245.552 power of 95.2 HP New engine with a slight performance advantage is significantly superior to A-41И in efficiency.

The checkpoint is the same as the original version, 7-step four-way, mounted in a single body with the rear axle. The clutch remained the original, presented dry single-disk constantly closed clutch. As option, the tractor DT-75 "Kazakhstan" was equipped with reverse-reducer, which allows to lower the minimum speed and increase the efficiency of the machine. Standard established by the PTO, and optional offered him an improved version with the speed increased from 540 to 1000 rpm.

Turn uses two single-stage planetary mechanism of the rear axle. Braking is carried out by mechanisms of the belt type.

The chassis Design has also remained original. Track Shoe width is equal to 390 mm.

The Cabin, in comparison with the first model, DT-75M shifted to the right, increased its height and was equipped with a new tail.

DT-75 "Kazakhstan": specifications


Since 1986 at the Pavlodar tractor plant started production of DT-75 ML. From the above modification it differs primarily by the design of the cockpit and facing outwardly of the engine compartment. The cabin is increased, due to which the height increased to 2923 mm, whereas the DT-75 "Kazakhstan" legacy amounted to 2304 mm. the New cabin different skeleton design and attached to the base by six shock absorbers. Changed the instrumentpanel controls and cabin interior.

Feature DT-75 "Kazakhstan"

In the early 90-ies, DT-75ML define, for industrial (DT-90П) and agricultural (DT-75T) modification.

DT-75 T and DT-90П

These models were similar in chassis and powertrain with by the aforementioned modification of the DT-75 "Kazakhstan". Technical characteristics stood out: these versions are equipped with engines D-440-21 turbo 95 HP In the rest of the design is the same as the old machine. Besides technical data modifications are fully identical to each other.

Tractor DT-75 "Kazakhstan"


This machine is different, first of all, the wheelbase is tracked. In addition, it was equipped with an engine capacity of 170 HP and the torque Converter resistance. Due to this, it is easily transformed into a bulldozer DT-75 "Kazakhstan". The production of this model started in the early 90-ies.

DT-75 "Kazakhstan"


In 1998, the activities of the Pavlodar tractor plant was stopped in connection with the bankruptcy, but production of the successors of these machines continues at the Vladimir factory.

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