Troit engine. What to do?


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But the fact - this problem is not as common, but in some cases it is difficult to diagnose. This phenomenon in the circle of technicians called "missing". If any cylinder is not working, the car engine starts to wear out quickly due to several reasons. So, for example. the gas enters the non-functioning cylinder does not burn out and accumulates on the walls. Then it is mixed with the engine oil and into the crankcase. Because of this, the oil gradually "diluted", the quality is much worse - and after some time is already in the working cylinder is supplied substandard oil. Consequently, the reduced compression of the engine, creates favorable conditions for the establishment of scuffing on the pistons, cylinder walls, precision planes and other parts that come in contact with oil. If serviceability is not addressed, the engine will start to work in another temperature range, starts to overheat.

troit engine causesWhy troit engine? How to run a diagnostic?

1. Diagnosis should start with a check of the spark. First you have to Unscrew a candle and examine it. During normal engine running, the color of the electrode insulator should be a little brown and bright. If there is zakopchennoy insulator and electrode, then it should be wary as this is a clear indication that there is a "- ing" motor Maslo or "enrichment" fuel. This candle can either not work at all or work poorly or irregularly (because of that but the fact). Causes of carbon fouling:


Why the engine is eating oil: possible causes

Why the engine is eating oil: possible causes

Sooner or later the owners face increased oil consumption in the engine. There are many reasons for this increased "appetite". Need to say that for many modern cars, some consumption still typical. But if it's too big, you should do the diagnosis of ...

- long work of the engine in the hot mode or at idle if the twisted candle glow improper number;

- in the cylinder low compression.

- return valve is defective;

- the disruption or displacement of the valve timing;

- broken operation of nozzles;

disturbed by the operation of the oxygen sensor.

troit engine

The body of the candlestick should be white, it shouldn't be black dots or streaks. Their presence indicates damage to the candle and that it must be replaced. If a visual inspection of the results did not bring, you can check for spark cranking by the starter.

2. High voltage wires - they must be removed and carefully considered. The tip of the wire, which is included in the candle must be solid colors.
troit engine at idle
3. Distributor cap ignition - it is necessary to carefully examine both the inside and outside. Often troit engine due to the same problem - breakdown cover, which may occur due to too high voltage generated by a high voltage wire or a faulty spark.

4. There are also situations when troit engine due to injector. It happens in the following cases:

- any malfunction of the injector;

- the use of fuel of poor quality or because of the use of certain injector cleaners.

- circuit of supply circuits.

5. If troit engine at idle or in gear, the vehicle owner should as soon as possible to contact the service center. Perhaps this is due to the fact that high-voltage wires mixed up. This is what the master must pay attention in the first place.

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