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American car Dodge Dart was manufactured on the factories of Detroit from 1960 to 1976. Since car company Dodge in 1928 is part of the automaker Craysler, it was developed on the platform of the Chrysler A-body. At the motor show in Detroit in 1959 a new model was introduced as a compact car for the city. However, the name "Darth" as such was only possible with the big stretch. Machine with a wheelbase 2997 cm width 1830 cm does not fall under this definition. Huge American limousines from the early sixties decreased in size reluctantly, though buyers in one voice stated, that are tired of paying exorbitant amounts for gas stations and service stations.

dodge dart

Powerful engine – the main difference between the models Dart

Dodge Dart reduced in size only in 1963 when the car was completely restyled and was customized to meet the needs of the population. Updated Dart immediately became popular throughout the U.S., its sales have increased several times. The most popular car of that time - "Plymouth" - lost to the new machine a significant part of the market. Soon, the Dodge Dart came in first place for the most important criteria determining the competitiveness of the car, reliability and endurance. The machine was equipped with powerful engines from 3.7 to 7.2 liter-inline-six-cylinder and a V-shaped "eights". The average power of the power plant was 235 HP, and this was fine with high speed fans.

dodge dart specifications

Popular cars

The popularity of the Dodge Dart, the characteristics of which were good, contributed to the variety of options offered to buyers. The car was produced in the modification of 2 - and 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe, 2-door fastback, convertible and station wagon. Equipment also offered a choice of: basic equipment Seneca, Pioneer and secondary equipment "luxury" Phoenix.


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In 1962, the wording was revised and the Dodge Dart received the designation of completeness: Dart 330, Dart 440, and Dodge Polara 500. For buyers of middle income developed economy version of the Dart 220, which was cheaper through the use of inexpensive materials and minimal engine power. This model is ideally suited for older Americans.

technical characteristics of dodge dart

Modification of GTS and Swinger

In 1968, descended from the conveyor of the first "Dodge Dart" modification GTS 340. It was the car of the fourth generation. The machine was equipped with an engine producing 275 HP with a volume of 6.5 liters. However, the model GST is not caught, because of the huge engine under the hood was no room for a vacuum brake booster and had to abandon the steering. A great hulking car has become difficult to manage, and quickly lost market demand.

A year Later was issued another modification - Dodge Dart Swinger. This model with a body type "hardtop" has replaced the two-door sedan and showed his best side, occupying a niche in the line of "dodges that".

Then was released a model of the Hurst Hemi Dart Charger engine, which also was not successful for normal travel and quickly moved into the category cars of drag racing. The release of it was suspended in 1969.

Devil with a pitchfork

In 1970, the company "Chrysler" continued range, releasing another car for high-speed driving on the highway. It was a Dodge Dart, Demon, fifth-generation model. The car became the subject of fierce disputes between the manufacturer and the Christian social organizations in the United States. The emblem on the hood looked rather provocatively - the devil holding a pitchfork. Within three years, lasted a litigation in which the car name and the logo of the manufacturer had to cancel the court decision. "Demon" did not the devil with a pitchfork disappeared from the hood, and the car slowly moved to one of the modifications Dodge Dart Swinger.

dodge dart swinger

Dart and the police

Technical characteristics of Dodge Dart consisted of a unification of separate parts and components in a wide range. Thus, a new modification of the car did not represent complexity. The exterior was distinguished by an organic linking all parts of the body, the graceful front fenders seemed doors and bottom sill, and then the whole side panel smoothly into the rear fenders and the frame of the Luggage compartment. The impression of wholeness and completeness of the entire exterior.

The silhouette of the car was swift, low to the ground car in the center is well combined with the raised front and rear overhangs. It is because raised considerably overhangs, providing a high maneuverability of the cars, model Dodge Dart was selected to equip the police forces in the United States. In KB has developed a special vehicle "Dart A38 Police Special" with a powerful battery, heavy-duty suspension and superior brakes. However, for some reason the police did not show enthusiasm when the American government offered the guards a new car. On "Dart A38 Police Special" began to travel in California, mainly in Los Angeles and Ventura County. In the rest of America, the cops preferred to move to a Dodge Coronet, and Dodge Monaco.

Car longevity

Dodge Dart refers to a small family of American cars is long-lived. Not every modelstood a sixteen-year period of continuous production. In addition, the Assembly plants of the car were scattered in several US States and in Canada, and it is associated with certain difficulties. However the Dodge Dart was produced until 1976, then his production was curtailed, since factory capacity needed to build more modern cars. All the plants that produce "Dart" stops, but in other countries, such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, production continued for three years. The production model Dodge Dart in Mexico did not stop until 1990.

dodge dart sxt

Modern Dart

Today in the factories of Chrysler produced the Dodge Dart SXT model, modern model of the last generation of this family. The car absorbed all the best from its predecessors and continues to improve. The compact sedan was introduced on an extended exhibition for automotive achieved in 2014, in Detroit. The car is another representative of the legendary family "dodges that are" produced in 1960. The machine features a powerful engine traditionally. Potential models of the latest generation is not in doubt, it promises to compete with the latest developments of world leaders of motor industry.

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