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Every year the number of cars on roads grows and now he is no longer a luxury item, as there are in almost every family. In order to serve you long required careful nursing. Not least important the choice of oil to fill the engine of your car. Why do need oil what kind of oil to pour into the engine? Oil to fill the engine  it is necessary to perform a number of functions:

  1. When heated, motor and gears an a/m oil cools them;
  2. Reduces friction, which leads to improvement in engine performance and decrease in fuel consumption;
  3. Ensures the integrity of the engine;
  4. Protects the surfaces of vehicles from corrosion and wear;
  5.  prevents the deposition on engine parts contaminants and oxidation products.

What kind of oil to pour into the engine?

It is best not to save and fill with good oil, while giving priority to the well-known manufacturers. Thereby you reduce the wear and tear of your car and extend its service life.

When you purchase a new car, especially if you have it first, then you face a choice, what kind of oil to pour into the engine models? You first need to look at the manual of the car. There is usually indicated what kind of oil is recommended for use in the winter and lettee time, and what oil viscosity is recommended for the brand and/m. the Viscosity and its dependence on ambient temperature is one of the main characteristics of the oil. The parameter viscosity is denoted by the acronym SAE. If the characteristics of the oil, which you will fill, will not meet the recommendations of the manufacturer of the car, this may result in the loss of engine power. Thick oil is better for engines operating under heavy loads, and oil with lower viscosity is better for engines with high revs. If the car is used, it is best to check with the previous owner which oil he poured. It is necessary, as changing the oil can hurt your car. Interfere with different types of oils is not recommended.


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What kind of oil is better?

There are the following types of oils:

- Mineral (petroleum). Mineral oil has better lubricating properties. It is often used at the first fill. The fluidity of the mineral oil is not stable. In its properties it is worse than synthetic and semi-synthetic. A positive thing in relation to synthetic blend is that it is better decomposed and there is no need for disposal by using harmful chemicals.

- Synthetic. This type of oil has more stable properties: thermal and chemical. It is less susceptible to any outside influence, it has a long service life. However, it is expensive and he has a lot of consumption.

- Semi-synthetic. This type of oil is inferior to their synthetic properties, however, good in relation to it price, it is cheaper. He has a good set of properties, but it is less than the limit of frost. It is recommended to fill the car with big mileage, if the waste synthetic oil increases.

Oils must have a  detergents, anti-wear, dispersant, anti-corrosion, separation, and protective properties, low volatility, high oxidative and thermal stability.

Manufacturers of the chemical industry are oil designed for diesel, gasoline engines and universal. Universal oil – it's not a bad choice, but it is better to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer and/m, which is specially designed for your type of engine.

When you choose what kind of oil to pour into the engine, it is necessary to consider the technical condition of the car, engine type, compatibility, select the oil with the engine, fuel quality, operating conditions.







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