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After Anderson, the former head of the company «General Motors", was appointed head of the group of companies «GAS» car giant has embarked on the development of new ideas and production of the popular minivan. In the winter of 2012 at the Moscow motor show was presented the new commercial vehicle of the new generation — “the GAZelle-Next”.

"GAZelle Next" (passenger) - photo and description of the design

The Novelty was designed based on its predecessor, “the GAZelle-Business”. In 2010, the model “Business” has filled most of the market of the CIS (format LCV commercial vehicles). Gazelle next passengerAnd interestingly — still enjoys great popularity among motorists in many countries, including Europe. Features “the GAZelle-Business” allow you to be at the level of models of the same class. To build this model was established to manufacture components, assemblies and mechanisms well-known manufacturers from abroad. Its price will surprise domestic buyers. By the way, what does “the GAZelle-Next” is the price? The passenger model will be available for only 700-900 thousand rubles.

What is new in the car?

Light-duty, commercial passenger ‘Gazelle-Next” has a lot of differences from its predecessors. Primarily this applies to dimensions. New model of the company «GAS» has the following dimensions:

  • Height — 2140 mm;
  • Length “the GAZelle-Next” — 5637 mm;
  • Width of the new model — 2070 mm.

Gazelle of nekst price passenger

In Addition, the novelty has got stylish and safer cabin. This includes:

  • The Windscreen is made of high quality and the most safe material (glass and nitrogen dioxide).
  • Large and sturdy rear view mirrors, reinforced with an additional bar.
  • Beautiful radiator, made by Italian designers.
  • Ergonomic, headlights, hood, front bumper and the logo of the company.

How's the cabin?

Fans of this model can now sleep peacefully, as the changes for the better were made and the interior of the car "GAZelle-Next» bus. Gazelle next passenger photoA Comfortable and ergonomic seats (optionally heated), well-made insulation of noise and vibration, truly “European” torpedo with a variety of controllers and devices - all this creates a good impression about the new model “the Gazelle-Next” a passenger.


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Cars are already in production, have improved the European system of safety of the driver and passengers. Thus, there was the airbags from the driver and his two passengers. Do not forget about seat belts, which will go on sale with voltage regulators, which are fitted in each of the new "GAZel-Next" passenger. Photo salon are presented below.Gazelle next passenger

As we can see the designers ' work deserves attention.

Technical specifications "GAZelle-Next» bus

At this point our review does not end there. With pleasure you can describe new features and specifications of the minibus “the Gazelle-Next”. Passenger model has gone through several stages of modernization. New brake system has allowed developers and engineers to ensure the model ASR system, which prevents towing (scroll) wheel on icy or snow-covered road strip.

Also appears the ABS system of the latest generation and new, not yet used in domestic cars of this type, dynamic stabilization system. The use of electronic systems will pleasantly surprise buyers who decide to purchase the vehicle “the GAZelle-Next" (passenger version).Gazelle next bus

Not left without attention of engineers and steering rack which will be equipped with the hydraulic booster. Independent front suspension will enable the operation of the ‘GAZelle-Next» on the road more smooth and steady swing.

Engine and transmission

As for the engine, new passenger ‘Gazelle-Next» will work with the diesel engine with the turbine (Cummins), up to 2.9 liters and capacity of 130 "horses".

A Five-speed automatic transmission was borrowed from a truck "GAZelle-Business”. She did very well on tests and has excellent performance. The diesel engine is quite economical fuel consumption: at 100 km/h consumption of diesel fuel is 11.5 liters in the urban stream (up to 60 km/h) — 9 litres.

However, many motorists "complain" on fuel consumption due to poor quality of diesel fuel. Cummins diesel engine meets all European standards (for emissions of CO2) — EURO 5 and 6.

Do Not forget the developers and about the cooling system. Experts have increased the area of the radiator. Himself purge section was removed separately. All this “beauty” the engineers could fit into a relatively small engine Bay.

Group company “GAS” has high hopes for the new model and suggests that “the GAZelle-Next” the passenger will gain the recognitiondomestic motorists and the LCV market. However, time will tell.

What is reviews “the GAZelle-Next" (passenger modification)?

The Company “Giant Inc» engaged in independent research on the car market, conducted a survey, which involved more than seven thousand independent car users. Many car owners pleased with what low on ‘Gazelle-Next” price. The passenger model is one of the cheapest of the series "Business".

The survey Results showed that 72% percent of the owners and drivers of this car were satisfied with their new acquisition. More than 90% of respondents said the new car's interior, its comfort and ergonomics. All the reviews you can find on the main website of the company “GAS”.reviews of the Gazelle next passenger

More than 70% of owners were satisfied with their new diesel engine and its fuel consumption. Everything else, almost all respondents noted that there were no problems running the diesel engine at low temperatures, and this type of motor has its nasty nuances.

A Few tips which will come in handy when buying a ‘gazelles’

When buying a used car "GAZelle" do not look “disguise” dents, cracks, scratches, etc. The fact that the seller is easier to reduce the overall price of the car, it is busy with straightening and painting.

If you're going to buy a used "GAZelle", then before purchasing go to the market and calculate how much are the parts and components on the car. It may be far better to buy "GAZelle" with some small problems at a reasonable price and then fix the problem.Gazelle next passenger photo

If the car you need for work, through holes in the hood will be a plus. On the engine and the whole machine is not affected, and the commodity will fall as its price. Besides, now the market abounds with durable plastic hood. They will last longer, and to replace a hood easier.

It is Not necessary to carp at each trifle, sooner or later still have to change something. Details of domestic cars belong to “account”, that is, they need to be changed after some period. In the automotive market, many offers that spend more time on inspections proposals, in the end, you really will save.

In conclusion

The Car "GAZelle" it was “folk” on local roads. Gazelle next passenger photoMany people do not trust this car, but in vain. After the change of leadership in the company “GAS” production is set up on the model of European quality. We hope that in a few years, the car "GAZelle" will not concede in their characteristics eminent WV, Mercedes, Iveco.

So, we found what has a reviews “the Gazelle-Next» passenger, design and price.

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