The smell in the car. The smell of gasoline in the passenger compartment: the main causes of its appearance


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Every driver protects your vehicle and pays special attention to any problems. Often the cause of anxiety may be an unpleasant smell in the car. If you smell gasoline or fumes, it is the first symptom of some systems of the vehicle. So why is there an unpleasant odor and how to eliminate it?smell in the car

Burning Smell

When driving a private car, many drivers noted in the cabin smell of burning. The reasons for this phenomenon are many. Some of them can be removed independently, and some – only with the help of specialists.

  1. Burning Smell in the cabin of the car can appear from the street. In this case you can turn on the recirculation. There is also the possibility that the cabin filter was just replaced.
  2. An Unpleasant smell may occur as a result of heating the mud that has adhered to the engine or exhaust system. A similar phenomenon happens with almost every car. This is especially true in the off-season when the roads are slush. To solve partially the problem after washing the engine. But to get rid of the caked mud on the exhaust is unlikely. If even after it was washed the engine smells in the car fumes, in this case will only recirculation. The problem is the design of the vehicle.
  3. Often a bad smell in the car is the result of oil leakage from the engine. During operation, the liquid burning. A common problem is the valve cover gasket. In some cases it is enough just to replace.
  4. Also cause a burning smell could be some electrical problem. It is a serious problem that can cause a fire. Therefore it is necessary to seek the assistance of professionals for a complete inspection of vehicle and Troubleshooting.
  5. Another reason for which there is a burning smell in the cabin – violation of the integrity of the gasket located between the suppressor and the host pipe. In this case it requires replacement. the smell in the car

Features of the fuel system

Almost every fuel element can come into disrepair. In the end, there will be unpleasant smell. The inspection should start from the weaknesses.


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Along the entire length of the body are the elements of the fuel system. This is done for more security. So, the fuel tank is at a safe distance from the engine, that work can be very meaningful. In addition, motor vehicle enmeshed in electric wires, through which the various compartments are supplied with current. Of course, it is no secret that the fuel tank – this is the part of the machine, which is a potential danger.

In the engine compartment, usually located a minimum of gasoline, which is required for normal vehicle operation. However, such a system design has some disadvantages:

  1. Is Too long the fuel line.
  2. The Presence of compounds of different type.

In most cases, but rather in 90 percent of all leakage of fuel occurs from a fuel tank or of its elements, which are fixed directly on it or are close. But here fuel the

Troubleshooting: fuel system

Smell in the cabin of the car with petrol? Then start looking for the problem is with the gas tank. Especially if the fuel leak became apparent. The fuel tank, as is known, consists of several elements, interconnected with various devices: flanges, composite structures, welded joints and so on.

Periodically, you should check the tightness and condition of belts. They perform the function of the fastener. Using strips the tank is fixed to the body. Inspection should also be performed for preventive purposes.

It is Worth remembering that the fuel tank can be up to a hundred liters of gasoline. As a rule, this number has a lot of weight. Most often the tank is suspended from the body, very rarely have in the trunk. Mount is a flexible steel strip, which pass under the bottom of the part. To body such tapes pulled a powerful bolt. Such a mount should ensure the immobility of the fuel tank. However, when strong aftershocks detail still rubs on the body. Of course, many manufacturers provide it. Therefore, between the wall of the body and tank set special gaskets. Over time, these products wear out. As a result, the fuel tank becomes insignificant, but still movement, which can lead to the formation of small holes. In the end, there is the smell of gasoline in the cabin.

In Addition, it is worth remembering the phenomenon of corrosion. The fuel tank can prohoditsja under its influence. This most often happens in older vehicles.the smell of gasoline in the cabin

How to solve the problem?

If the fuel tank is worn or frayed, it must be replaced. Also you can try to avoid such problems. As prophylaxis should be inspected as often as possible the fuel system and check the tightness and condition of belts, through which the body is attacheda tank of gas.

Filler neck in the tank

The weakest spot of the fuel tank – fuel filler neck. The problem with this detail can lead to the fact that there will be a gasoline smell in the cabin. Filler neck could be welded or bolted to the tank using rubber gaskets. The last option of fixing is considered more reliable. When violations of the welded joint can quickly collapse. But the gasket and flange will hold long enough.

If the smell in the cabin of the car with petrol, you will first need to inspect the welded joint. In the presence of defects they should be corrected.

Rubber hoses

An Unpleasant smell in the passenger compartment can be caused by violation of the integrity of rubber hoses connecting the fuel pump. They serve as a transitional link between the fuel line and tank. The motion of the undercut can be broken off from the base or broken. Upon detection of this issue, the damaged parts should be replaced.

Hatch Cover fuel pump

Saloon cars must not only be clean, it should smell nice. However, this is not always possible to achieve. There is another weakness of the fuel system – a lid which keeps the fuel pump with fuel level sensors in a single module inside the tank. This detail is usually attached with the screws that are threaded into holes drilled along the contour. Under this cover is a rubber gasket, which often is a weak link. At this detail constantly exposed pair of fuel. After some time she just collapses. In the end, integrity is disturbed, resulting in the cabin smells of fuel.

The Valve in the vent system fuel tank

The Housing parts are usually made of plastic. Hoses join the pipes, and with their help, it is the movement of fuel vapors in a special container canister. In this case, can break down plastic pipes. How to get rid of smell? Need to replace the entire valve.odor in the car

If the fuel system is in order

If after inspection of the vehicle parts and the elimination of all problems still smells in the car with gasoline, you should see all the mats, trunk and seats for signs of fuel stains. To neutralize them by yourself using Soaps. If this does not help to get rid of smell, you can resort to other methods.

Regular coffee

Elimination of the smell in the car is sometimes a daunting task. For these purposes, you can use regular ground coffee. Enough to fill their stains of gasoline. Why ground coffee?

This product contains a large number of oils that absorb other odors. Of course, you can use freeze-dried coffee. Topped with a stain you need to leave for seven days, and then washed out. It is not necessary to use an expensive product. You can buy a packet of cheap coffee.the smell of burning in the car

Baking soda

This product will are in the kitchen each hostess. Thanks to baking soda the car can be put in perfect order. After all, this powder can not only clean tough stains, but also eliminate the unpleasant smell. Unlike coffee and soda you can handle the stain for no longer than a day. Enough to sprinkle the contaminated area and wait 24 hours just to vacuum. After that the smell should disappear.

Tool for

Gasoline – chemical oily product. To eliminate stains of fuel, you can try to influence them with dishwashing detergent. Because such fluids have a special chemical composition, which is fast enough to break down fats. In addition, means for washing dishes contain flavors and fragrances that enable you to get rid of smell.

Just pour on the stain from some liquid fuel and wait until it will be absorbed and then gently rinse with water. If the contamination is large, then delete it in several approaches. how to get rid of smell

In conclusion

In that part of the fuel system, which is located under the hood of the vehicle, there are many elements which at any moment can become the main sources of the odor. This should include the place where the mount to the filter hoses. Of course, under the hood to find the cause much easier. After all, all items will be on view. Knowledge of the weak points of the fuel system will allow you to quickly fix the problem. Thank you!

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