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The Thermostat is integral to the cooling system of the engine. He holds the coolant until the engine warms up and opens when reaching a specific operating temperature (usually equal to 95 degrees). The detail is in corrosive environment, and is constantly heated and cooled. Over time this leads to deterioration of rubber seals and valves. Such a device is the pressure to keep away. Let's look at the thermostat Vernet, feedback and other useful information.thermostat vernet reviews

Company "will Return"

There was this organization in 1927 and was called CALORSTAT. Some time later it was renamed as "Return," as is called today. Over the years, the production of automotive parts, the company has gained great popularity. Today produces more than 13 million units of spare parts a year. To achieve such results were due to almost complete automation process and close cooperation with leading car manufacturers.

Thermostats of the company are affordable and are of good quality. In addition, their service life often exceeds stated. Let's look at what good is a thermostat Vernet. Customer feedback will help us in for machines

Quality at an affordable price

Often we have to choose between the original and Chinese parts. The first usually have a high cost, and the second is low quality. The best option in this case is to find a quality substitute. To make it simple enough, for example, by using the parts catalogs.

Why is it better to buy a thermostat Vernet? Reviews it has for the most part positive. Drivers note quite humane price tag and excellent quality, which confirms the duration of operation. The product is made from brass and copper and has a solid appearance. Although before buying, all carefully to consider the product for mechanical damage is necessary. Work it, of course, test will not work. Although it can be done directly on the car, if the valve doesn't open, it means that the product must be returned to the store.Ford thermostat


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How to remove the thermostat and install a new one?

The dismantling of the product is quite simple. For this we need a set of flare or carob keys. Go find the thermostat. It is installed in a special housing and is located above the radiator or on the side of the engine. It is installed over fuel filler lid which serves to retain or reset the pressure in the system.

After you have found the thermostat housing, Unscrew a few screws and remove the upper part of the body. Before that, from the neck to drain a little antifreeze, so it didn't spill and didn't get on the belts and rollers. Dismantle the housing, took out the old part.

So how do I connect a thermostat is quite simple to describe in detail the procedure makes no sense. All actions are performed in reverse order. You should pay your attention that it is recommended when replacing the thermostat to change the filler cap, as it also may not hold the pressure or not to drop it because of a jammed to remove the thermostat

Checking the health of the device

These parts are for machines like the thermostat, are inexpensive, however, these knots cause the engine overheating, which leads to serious consequences. Therefore, the status of the thermostat should always follow, if it works then no need to change.

There are several ways to check. Start the car and fully warmed up engine. The wilderness and open the hood. See two fat pipe going to the radiator. Check the top and bottom. Both should be hot. If the lower is cold, then the thermostat opened and the radiator blocked. In this case it makes sense to talk about a jamming device in the closed position. In this scenario, it is possible to overheat the engine no matter it is cold or hot outside. If jammed in the open position, the car will warm up very long. That's why these vehicle parts is better to take good quality and not to skimp on them.

Temperature valve operation

The Principle of operation of the device is the presence inside the cylinder of wax ball. It is inserted a metal pin that presses on the valve. When the temperature rises and the wax starts to melt (expand), the pin is pressed and opens the valve.thermostat vernet reviews

The essence that on different cars, this temperature is different. That is why you need to be able to choose the right thermostat. It is better to take the old, find it room and through the catalog to pick up analogue or purchase the original thermostat. "Ford Focus" - the car in which the thermostat opens at 95 degrees, and the "Dodge Stratus" - when 97. It would seem that the difference is slight, but a car engine block of iron and another of aluminum. Of course, short-term overheating in the first case will not be as disastrous as the to connect the thermostat

To Summarize

As you can see, the instrument, though small, but it performs a very important function. In case of failure of such a nodecan happen engine overheating without serious consequences, and with them. Purchase Vernet thermostat. Reviews about it in most positive. The cost is about 2000 rubles. It's not the most expensive or cheapest option, but one of the best in terms of price and quality.

If you decide to replace the thermostat and the cooling system is not maintained, it is recommended to clean the radiator, replace the antifreeze and the filler cap. It is not so difficult, but very important for the normal operation of the vehicle at any time of the year.

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