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400-boiler Chinese Enduro is a special place on motorine. Made in China products does not seem to be phony, do not hurt the eyes of a monstrous design, not crumble to dust during operation. Motorcycles, of course, inferior in technical terms to Western counterparts, but their competitiveness is gradually increasing. And the price for this is comparable to the cost of the Japanese secondary.

stels enduro 400

Stels Enduro 400 – a bright example of modern motoring China. He has a very modern appearance, technical characteristics and dynamics. If you are thinking about purchasing this equipment, our article about all its features very useful to you. A review of owner reviews will give an idea of what to expect from this bike in the process of operation.

Model Features

A Motorcycle Stels Enduro 400 – it is primarily a technique for entertainment, and not sports equipment. It is designed for the Amateur to jump over bumps and creeks, splashing around the splash. A serious athlete is more likely to pay attention to “civic” or KTM. But will pay twice as much.

And if you are considering off-roading as a hobby exclusively for the sake of which are ready to buy a cheap bike, perhaps the products of “Stealth” for you.


As expected, the development of models used to inspire the ideas of our Japanese colleagues. But to say that in terms Stels Enduro 400 can clearly be seen the style of one of the famous bikes, is not necessary. Rather a way out collectively.


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stels enduro 400 reviews

The great advantage of the model can be called the use of brushed metal. It seems that the love of Chinese designers to all the brilliant begins to slowly subside. Brushed metal goes well with black plastic.

Mirrors motorcycle Enduro often does not happen. But on the model of “Stealth 400” they are, although to remove them is not difficult. Many owners note that their strange round shape could be more serious.

Technical characteristics and ergonomics

If you intend to buy Stels Enduro 400, technical characteristics you are probably interested in the first place.

The Bike built on an aluminum frame, so that its weight is relatively small. Pads front and rear wheels interchangeable. Both brakes are two-piston, exactly the same as used by Japanese top manufacturers of equipment Enduro. Very impressive tread. Its depth is 1.2 cm

motorcycle stels enduro 400

The Front panel is convenient, but criticism is the lack of a tachometer. Motorcycle Enduro is sometimes found, but many technology enthusiasts in this class consider this a disadvantage.

No less strange the lack of kick. Consider this before making a final decision.

This class On the technique, there is typically no passenger seat. But in the considered model set, however, very modest. Don't expect that it will be possible to stay comfortably. But it expands the space for Luggage. Rear passenger seat and handrails are installed. Reviews indicate that on models older than 2011 release the seat more comfortable and soft.

The Engine Stels Enduro 400

The Chinese are not so often equipped with Enduro equipment such motors, often using half the cubic capacity. But the design of the power unit “Stealth 400” can not fail to impress: 4 valves, 4 stroke, liquid cooled. Add to that 6-speed gearbox to get the full understanding of the capabilities of the motorcycle.

By visual inspection it becomes immediately noticeable that the size of the engine is quite compact, I can't believe it holds 400 cubic meters. This is due to the short stroke of the T-shaped piston and the minimum clearance between the balancer and the crankshaft. Here's how the manufacturer took care of compactness.

stels enduro 400 specifications

For those who decide to disassemble the motor, an unpleasant surprise could be the following: plastic plastic tensioner, and the thermostat in the head part.

The Carb by modern standards is quite modest, and therefore the unit with a 30-horsepower engine gives pretty mediocre dynamics. However, the manufacturer has announced some upgrades. But the motor is perfectly balanced, allowing virtually no vibration.

Long Transmission, but no tachometer can be felt, especially at first. The owners note that a very convenient mechanism for incorporating neytralke.

Handling and behavior

Stels Enduro 400, the characteristics of which do not cause any specific complaints, no enthusiasm, excellent razvesovka. It's noticeable when driving on gravel, sand, melting snow.

The rocky terrain you'll be able to fully enjoy all the marvels of large clearance.

Suspension Work – it is a traditional weak spot of Chinese art, but not in the case with “Stealth 400”.

In General we can say that the attempt to make the bike closer which has coped with a task in the city and country, came out very successful. But do not expect from this bike, instant response to commands, something where he is not so fast.


Speaking about the opinions of those who managed to break in this bike, it makes sense to start with the packaging. If you order Stels Enduro 400 through an authorized dealerthe network will receive the purchase in a wooden crate. But the reliability of fasteners have many complaints. Get ready to discover a broken mirror or dented the wing immediately after purchase.

stels enduro 400 specifications

Many complain of not enough developed network and weak after-sales support. Some parts easier personally to go to China than to find them in sale in the Russian Federation. Fortunately, many of the details from the ‘Honda’ and KTM are suitable for Stels Enduro 400.

Reviews often contain references about the integrated locks, which you can use to protect the bike against theft or fasten a helmet.

The Maximum speed of the motorcycle is relatively small, only 120 km/h. But for bikes in this class a greater acceleration and is not required.

Will Give due consideration to running-in of the engine after purchase. If you take this process is not responsible, the risk to have many problems.

Estimated value

Today, the motorcycle of this brand can be found in the cabin, and on the secondary market. Over a new motorcycle in the official salon, you will have to pay about 105-120 thousand rubles. To buy a motorcycle Stels Enduro 400 after one of the owner can be half the price.

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