What are the most reliable cars?


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Every car owner wants it as little as possible broke down and failed in the most crucial situations. For this reason, a large number of people prefer the more famous and major brands that produce the most reliable cars.

It is Difficult to say how reliable the machines that started to be issued relatively recently. Needless to say, to check them you need a certain amount of time. It will need to ensure that the owners understood how a car behaves under different weather conditions, the high cost of its maintenance, and so on.

most reliable carsCurrently, according to experts of the insurance companies and from research centres and firms-manufacturers of the highest quality are machines of German production. The most reliable cars – Audi, Ford and BMW. These data were obtained from the results of the latest assessments of the market machines, which were published on 20 February 2013.

The Famous German service of technical supervision of Dekra tested over 15 million modern machines. The title of the most reliable car of all classes went to the Audi A4. Was also conducted research among the small class. First place went to model Audi A1. Company Ford has shown the best results among the representatives of the compact class models, Ford C-Max and Ford Focus. Most reliable medium cars and crossovers – BMW of the third series and BMW X1. Among the business class, the Commission gave preference to the Mercedes E-class.


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most reliable carsTo research the German service of technical supervision, similar work was done by company Warranty Direct. Their staff has analyzed the number of calls for repair of the car in repairs during the first years of operation. Best results were shown by Asian manufacturers. The first rating was occupied with a small difference Mazda and Honda. Statistics show that 9% of the owners to make the repair. The top five also includes Toyota, Mitsubishi and Kia with indicators 15,78%, 17,04%, 17,39%, respectively. In their research, one of the most unreliable cars recognized as seat, Renault and Alfa Romeo.

most reliable carsThere is another way of assessing the quality of machines. In order to determine the most reliable cars in the world, estimate the number of breakdowns from new, just descended from the conveyor of the models. The best indicator in this ranking demonstrates Lexus. The cars of this brand various faults occur in 71 cars for every 100 sold. At first glance this seems like a huge number. However, if we compare this figure with the most unreliable manufacturer, then everything falls into place. The last place was taken by land Rover with an index 220 of faults per 100 cars. Once again among the manufacturers that produce the most reliable cars, the company was Toyota. This is not surprising. In the list of “the most reliable cars in the world” she took the fourth place after such famous manufacturers as Porsche and Lincoln.

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