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Sport bike BMW S1000RR immediately attracts the attention of a record for a Superbike engine. Liter engine turns it into a real conqueror of roads, which can cope with and the raceway, and the maze of city streets, and even cross-country. Released only 5 years ago and have already received two updated versions, this motorcycle rightfully occupies a worthy place in the lineup.

BMW S1000RR sportbike in the family

The First release of this bike was released in 2009. Initially, the model was conceived as an advanced, powerful, requiring the skill of driving. Sports bike BMW S1000RR not only allowed the owner to feel the whole thrill of the ride, but emphasized its status.

sports bike bmw s1000rr

In addition to the production version, was developed and a racing model on the same base. All the advantages of racing bikes was successfully demonstrated by the pilots BMW Motorrad Motorsport during the world Cup.

Technical parameters

bmw s1000rr

First released in 2009, version of the BMW S1000RR was equipped with a 193-horsepower engine and had a mass of 204 kg. Torque exceeded 9 thousand rpm. The manufacturer has taken care of a sturdy aluminum frame, and powerful brakes. The traction control system is allowed to manually select the drive mode to provide the pilot with maximum comfort and allow full control of the situation. In 2010 sports bike BMW S1000RR was the best among production motorcycles in the ranking of the dynamic parameters.

In 2012, the manufacturer has decided to treat fans with a new version. The result was not long in coming. The BMW S1000RR was released again. As it was announced, changes and improvements are mainly reflected in the appearance of the bike. He got an advanced tidy and updated fairings. Concerning the technical aspect, then no innovation would not touch her.


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And only third generation, sales of which are scheduled to begin in 2015, was the result of joint work of engineers, designers and designers. Power increased to 250 horsepower, weight, on the contrary, was reduced by 4 kg. Torque a new bike 12,000 rpm. The riding modes available in previous versions, was supplemented by another two, including the mode "User", enabling the pilot to adjust the bike.


bmw s1000rr price

BMW Motorcycle S1000RR, photos which evoke real awe in everyone's heart to drive the fan, is a strong representative of the athletic family. His design embodied the best traditions of the style of Superbike, and also their own know-how of the BMW group. The highlight of the exterior lights attached, which immediately falls view: they are almost the same size but different shapes. Fairings hide the iron innards of the bike only partially, giving the opportunity to get some idea about his powerful nodes. Pleasing to the eye and the wheels fitted with alloy wheels, anodized in black color. The driver's saddle fit provides sport pilot, and the extra comfort it provides updated adjustable footrests. Passenger seat, like on most sports bikes, done modestly. A special feature of the model, many believe a carbon cap of the fuel tank.

Dynamic variables

bmw s1000rr photo

Speaking about the dynamics of the bike, not only to enumerate its excellent features, but to mention a couple of these records. Sports bike BMW S1000RR got on various test drives. It is established that the motorcycle is able to overcome 1 km from the place just in 18.5 C, while the maximum speed reached 285 km/h. test Classical distance of a quarter mile he went for 10.1 s, speeding up to 235 km/h circuit became the springboard for a new record in his class, he came first. The legendary German publication Motorrad has tested the most powerful bikes class 1000 cm³ model year 2010, and the results of testing the sport bike BMW S1000RR proved to be the most dynamic. He was able to reach speeds of 305 km/h from the place of speeding up to 200 km/h in just 6.9 s. At the level of 10.4 with its speed reached 250 km/h and 14.8 - 280 km/h. Thus, sportbike exceeded all liter series motorcycles 2010, including the Kawasaki ZZ-R1400 and the Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa.

The Consumption of fuel, parts, consumables


BMW Motorcycle S1000RR, the price of which reaches 20-25 thousand us dollars, quite costly to operate as well. Accessories on him, as on many other cars and motorcycles "BMW", are a lot of money, and get them only from the official. Fuel consumption stands at 5.5-6 liters, depending on the route, driving style and weather conditions. But the costs of operation do not stop the real fans of the brand.

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