Error-correction coding: how it all began?


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For anybody not a secret the fact that the transmission of any message, information can be distorted, i.e. in the transmitted information possible appearance of incorrect data. Misrepresentation might occur under the influence of many diverse factors, but the most common are:

the emergence of the sending, the receiving device or the transmitter malfunctions related to hardware or software part;

- the presence of interference in the connection channel of communication that may be associated with malfunction due to damage and malfunctions due to the presence of external influences (intentional or unintentional).

To ensure the integrity of the information of a message in transit on different communication channels today use different technologies but the most common, popular, simple and easy means of protecting data from the effects of is error coding.

The History of information assurance at the transmission began with 1948, when it was published the famous work of C. Shannon "a Mathematical theory of communication". This article is the basis for the formation of such concepts as error-correction coding, which is coding for controlling errors and, if necessary, their correction.

From the article Shannon follows a stunning conclusion to build communication, to minimize the formation errors in the message, it is difficult and not economically feasible. Much easier and cheaper to use different methods of encoding information. At the same time Shannon did not specify any specific codes, but only to prove their existence.


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Types of information coding have been extensively studied in the fifties of the last century, however, the results did not bring any practical effect. The next decade was marked by the finding of a technique that would allow to create a complex of technologies to reduce the likelihood of formation of errors in the transmission of the message.

The First technology is called block codes and were mainly mathematical in nature. First error-correction coding in this form was introduced in 1950-ies when the block codes can correct only one error. Of course, such codes are ineffective, but because for a long time held a variety of research and development. The result was the creation of a class of codes that allowed you to monitor and correct multiple errors.

A particular technology, characterizing the error-correction coding, – trying to comprehend encoding and decoding, the appearance and correction of errors from the point of view of probability theory. As a result of long studies was created by class nebelkovykh codes, which are most widespread convolutional codes.

In the seventies of the last century, these two technologies were considered in a unified manner, resulting finally managed to get those codes, which led it in his article, Shannon. As a result of a variety of works have been proposed two schemes, which formed a family of codes and has provided the high ensure the integrity of the message while it is being transferred via communication channels.

That was the story of the formation of the error-correcting coding. Of course, today proposed a variety of schemes and concepts for the preservation of information during transmission, which is different functionals, redundancy, reliability, structure, efficiency and other key characteristics.

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