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If you decided to install wi-fi at home, at work, or in any other place, then you definitely need to purchase a special device called a router, or a router. This is a special device that gives out wireless Internet access at a certain distance. Routers are classified according to power, the number of connected objects, speed, range, etc. So if you want to purchase a router, be sure to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. By purchasing this device, you'll need to install it. I'm sure 99% of users will have problems at the same time, therefore, this article focuses on how to install a router.

How to install a router – step-by-step guide

how to install a routerThere are many different router manufacturers, but the most popular of the company D-Link. Therefore, we are going to figure out how to install wi-fi router D-Link.

1) Open the box with the purchased device, take out it and connect to the mains. From the front should light up the bulb. If they don't light up, with the router any problems. On the back we see a few ports. We need a port labeled "Internet", we should sawit plug, which was connected to the computer.

2) In any of the other ports put the cable that was included with the router. This cable must be connected to the computer (at the place where we pulled the wire Internet).how to install wifi router

3) Open up any program that gives Internet access. In the address bar write the following numbers: This page – main settings page. To connect with it, Internet connection is not required.


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4) Continue to figure out how to install a router. We opened the login page with fields username and password. In the name field, write admin and the password field left blank.

5) On the opened page, select Setup (Setup), then click the left of Internet Setup (Internet setup) and then click Manual Internet Connection Setup (Manual setup the Internet connection).

6) the section Internet Connection Type (Internet connection) select the item called PPPoE user name/password and select Dynamic PPPoE. In the fields Name, Password and password Confirmation you enter the data that is written in the contract with your Internet provider.

7) Look a little below and see the "clone Mac address". Click on it. The item Connect mode select (Select Internet connection) put the opposite point Always. The remaining paragraphs should not be changed.

how to install wi fi router d link8) Discussion on how to install wifi router is almost completed. It remains only to understand the settings of the wireless network. In the device menu, which is on the left, select Wireless setup, then on the center button appears on the Manual wireless connection setup, click on it and look at the menu basic settings. Under Wireless network settings, put a check next to Enable wireless network and field wireless network Name write any name. Also fill the field wireless network Key, and memorize it. This field will store the password from your wi-fi. He need to to the router connect neighbors and other strangers.

I Hope that after reading this article, you've figured out how to install a router.

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