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If you regularly work with multiple computers or the power of your personal PC is not enough to implement the tasks, there are many options that can ease your life. Today we will talk about how to connect a single monitor to 2 computers and Vice versa.

how to connect a single monitor to 2 computers

Mechanical solution

Depending on your goals and desires, there are a number of techniques to work with multiple computers with one monitor. If you are not happy with the performance of your PC or need a separate work station to perform a long calculation until you do another thing, to connect 2 computers to 1 monitor, you'll need a special device - KVM switch.

KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) is a special adapter designed just for this purpose. It allows you to share one monitor on two computers without installing additional software and "dancing with a tambourine".

This device in its simplest form has one entry for the mouse, monitor (projector) and keyboard. He also has two outputs for each of the above devices. So we just put together two of the system unit, connect them as regular equipment, KVM switch, and then to it connect one set of external devices. That's all.

Now you can press the power button on both system units. They both start and begin work. In order to switch between workstations, it is enough just to press a button on this device.


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The Only drawback of this method is the need to create a local network. Of course, there are switches that play the role of routers, but they are much more expensive.

2 PC to 1 monitor


This way to connect one monitor to 2 computers, like those who have the need for two stations separated by a large distance and there is no "switch" can't reach them by wires. This would require the TeamViewer program.

But for its use there are several nuances. This tool is free only for personal computer. If you use it for the organization, it can begin to "mean" and to work a maximum of five minutes at intervals of 2-3 minutes. In addition, it requires a connection to the Internet, and the sooner the better.

In order to share 2 computers on a single monitor connected, you will need to install TeamViewer on both stations and remember their IDs and passwords. Then in the workplace you must start the program and connect to the second system unit, even if it is not connected to a separate monitor.


Another tool that can be attributed to the "software method". In fact, it is no different from the above-mentioned TeamViewer and only extends the response to the question of how to share one monitor on two computers. If you are going to buy a switch, then you will be able to download both programs and to check on the matter, whichever is more convenient.

What features can be noted software way to connect one monitor to 2 computers?

  1. Willing private network between two PC. You can transfer data between them without headaches, watch movies and so on.
  2. The Range is not limited. The main thing is that both PC's were online.

Of the minuses can be identified only headache with configuring the startup scripts so that the program itself was run and tuned at the reception when the PC starts.

one monitor on two computers

Vice Versa

And now let us discuss, not how to connect one monitor to 2 computers, but quite the opposite situation. Often the workspace of one screen may not be enough to accommodate all information. Folder, table files - all layered on top of each other and interfere with the view.

To cope with this problem, you must know how to build a computer with 2 monitors. However, this is not such a big problem. It all depends on your queries.

  1. If you want to connect PC to TV or projector, first check the connectors on the rear panel of the computer. You may require either an ordinary HDMI cable, or the same wire which connects the monitor.
  2. To connect a second monitor enough to make sure that the video card has an additional connector and cable suitable form. In an extreme case have to buy an adapter, which costs about 200 rubles.

That's all, nothing complicated. Next, we will discuss about the configuration of the connected monitor.

2 computers on a single monitor


After that connect the wire to a second monitor to your computer, you need to decide which type of connection you want to use. By default, the TV, projector or second monitor will display the same as the screen of a personal computer. To change this "injustice", you must press the key combination Win+P.

You will see a window with options of placing the monitors. Select "Expand." Now your desktop will be split on multiple screens. It should also be noted that if the image does not appear, then the problem may lie in the settings of the second screen. For example, the TV will have to find and include the required input is the signal from the computer.

computer with 2 monitors


In addition to system built-in utilities, you can use special software to split and extend the screen, such as DisplayFusion. This software allows you not only to manage Windows and monitors, but also to configure each desktop on a separate screen according to your taste: to change screen savers and Wallpaper. By the way, use the operating system to do it will not work. A nice bonus is that the program itself is able to automatically change the desktop Wallpaper. You only need to specify the location from which it will draw the pictures.

The disadvantage is the cost of this program. Price, frankly, is not so needed utilities - $ 25. At the current exchange rate of the ruble is almost 2000. Agree, too much for a program that duplicates the functionality of the operating system and changes the picture on the second screen.


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