What are the crafts of the matter in "Minecraft"?


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Minecraft — one of the most successful games in recent times. Huge open world, an incredible springboard for creativity, an extensive crafting system, the ability to play with other people online — all this has made "Minecraft" a hit game and its creators brought mountains of gold.

Mods in Minecraft

Another factor that significantly influenced the development of Minecraft — is fashion. Thanks to open files, everyone can create their own modification of the game. All that is needed to create mods in Minecraft, this is a pair of special software, minimal programming knowledge and, of course, the idea.

Now on the Internet you can find thousands of different mods. Free download simple fashion that adds to the game a couple of items, and global, completely changing the gameplay. In this article we will talk about one of the most popular mods in Minecraft. We will discuss Industrial Craft, and to be more precise, the hope of the matter in "Minecraft". But first it is necessary to understand what is this mod and what is its feature.

Industrial Craft

Crafts of matter in Minecraft

"Indastrial craft" — one of the most popular mods in the game, which adds to the square world of various types of industrial production. Metallurgy, agro-industry, electrical engineering and many — now you can do all this in Minecraft. To create industry only need to find sources of energy that appeared in the game thanks to fashion. Also the IC adds in Minecraft a lot of different tools, blocks, resources, etc.


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"Indastrial Craft" — is a delightful mod. It opens more space for creativity. Thanks to this fashion you have the ability to create a nuclear power plant or even an entire industrial city. Also, modders do not forget about their child. For "Industrial Craft" constantly come out with various updates, patches and additions, which appear all new and new items. Well, now let us consider the fashion more and talk about the matter. What it is and why it is needed, what are the crafts of the matter in "Minecraft"? All this you can learn, having read this article.

Minecraft Industrial Craft 2 Matter

"Minecraft Industrial Craft 2" - matter

This is a special item that is added to the game mod IC2. To obtain this resource is possible thanks to the manufacturer. It is worth to notice that in "Minecraft industrial Craft" matter — it is a very energy consuming thing. In order to obtain at least one unit of matter, you will need about 1 000 000 um. In addition, the process of its creation takes a lot of time.

Minecraft industrial Craft matter

But the generation process can be dramatically accelerated thanks to a special salvage yard. When creating matter it acts as a catalyst. If used, the generation is 6 times faster. This will help save time and energy. One of the salvage will be enough to create 3% of the matter. This means that in order to create 3 units of matter at an accelerated pace, will take about 100 salvage.

However, for the matter? What are the crafts of the matter in "Minecraft"? Learn the answers to these questions, you can read the following part of the article.

Crafts made of matter in Minecraft

Of matter can produce a lot of different resources (wood, ore, and even diamonds). But at most crafts from the matter in "Minecraft" is disadvantageous. For example, from one unit you can create 8 pieces of wood. But it's clearly not worth it, because in the vast "Minecraft" so full of wood. Really matter - is useless? Of course not. Matter — it's the only way to obtain iridium, which is in turn necessary for the creation of quantum armor. In addition, due to matter you can get a clean source of water or lava. Also fabric can be crafted mycelium, which in the world of "Minecraft" is quite rare.

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