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What is your email address? In different systems and services, this concept can mean different things. On the one hand, recognizing you have an email address, a person may want to know your email in order to send any data. On the other hand, especially social networking, e-mail address may indicate a link to the user page. So, how to answer the question: "How do you know my email address?".

my email address

First step

The biggest problem is usually creating your first mailbox. This issue was relevant when personal computers had just entered the houses and were rare. If you belong to the older generation, which knows nothing about computers, then ask the question: "What is my email address?" should be the programmer that installs you computer.

Now companies that sell computers, dedicated exclusively to the dissemination of technology. Buying a computer and bringing it home, you can call a "master"programmer for its initial setup. So, usually work part time students in computer Sciences in universities. When he arrives, you can ask him: "Tell me my email address". For a small fee he will help you to have a mailbox or create a page on a social network.


If you're an advanced user, and all of the above may not apply to you, then let's try to deal with your problem. You have forgotten your mailbox? It doesn't matter. Go online on any of the forums where you were registered.


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my email address

In most cases, to log on to the forum you will need a username and password. Some is used to log on the mailbox, and some invented name. If you remember him, you will be able to access your account. To always specify the email with which you registered. Besides, you can always send a letter to the forum administrator with a request: "I forgot my email address. Could you me inform/remind you?".


If you ever forget your email, use your browser to save passwords. It will automatically fill the fields when logged into a particular resource, and then the problems and issues about "how to remember my email address?" will not arise.

In cases where "good soul", in the form of a relative or a programmer at work, will clean the computer and remove all browser data on viewed pages, you can use the "internal memory". Go to "settings" - "password and forms". Any browser will give you a table with sites and the data required to log on to them - mail and password. So you will be able to recall relevant data.

Social networks

Suppose you are asked to give your email address in the social network. Instead of concerned to ask all friends a question: "What is my email address?", go to the start page of a social network. Most of these resources in front of you is your picture, summary and news. To share your email address, copy the contents of the browser address bar and send it to the person. You can send either a personal identifier, or if you do not understand what it was, all the contents of the address bar. It will be the answer to the question: "What is my email address?".

how to find out my email address

If you ask mail, specify that to which at least periodically visit. By the way, a little advice. To avoid hacking of your account in a social network, use two email - one for registration, another for mail exchange.


Generally, e-mail addresses is a great variety. This is the most various email services, social networks, agents, programs, and even data about the account on any forum. To call email address can be any method by which you can be reached.

You've heard the expression: "forewarned is forearmed"? This is the best way to deal with his forgetfulness. Not to refer to programmers with requests: "I forgot my email address. To find out how it is possible?", worry about all your data in advance. Get yourself a notebook and write down all your data, passwords, and resources that you use them. Then you will never forget anything. There are only a few rules that need to be followed.

my email address to learn

  • Don't write a book overhead. You get fired from work if you're endangering an official secret.
  • Keep the book out of reach. Daily using the password and email, you are unlikely to forget your email address. Get the book only in exceptional cases and not store it near the computer.
  • Do Not report its existence to anyone. If anybody needs to hack your personal correspondence or page, he can't know that there's an easy way to find your notebook.

That's all. Following these simple rules, you will never ask the question: "Forgot my email address. What to do?".

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