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For experienced users is of great importance not only to the functionality of programs, but also their appearance. And it is not surprising, for example, that person a lot of time conducting on the Internet, there is quite a reasonable wish to have his Internet browser looked pleasing to the eye. For this there are themes (or skins), with which you can "decorate" their browser. In this article we will talk about how to install skins in the Internet browser Opera (Opera).

The Internet has a huge amount of resources, offering its visitors to download design for the Opera. However, not all of them are trustworthy. Of course, there are resources with a wide range of beautiful themes. But there are plenty of sites scams that can shove any topic is a dangerous virus or require sending SMS-messages to a short number, if you wish to get direct download link. Therefore, the optimal solution is to use the functionality of the Internet browser.

So, where to find and how to install a skin for Opera? First you need to go to "Appearance" ("Clearance"). This can be done in either of two ways:

  • Click "Opera" and select "Appearance" ("Clearance");
  • Using the key combination "Shift + F12".

How to install skinIn the preferences window decoration you will need a tab "Themes" ("Themes"). Usually it is active by default. As a rule, the choice of the proposed topics is very scarce or even restricted to the standard option. The only thing available to the user is the ability to "play" with color schemes (system, Golden, sand, jungle, sea, blue, Indigo, purple, Magenta and red) and the icon size.


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But what to do in case of standard design Opera does not suit you? You can download and install new themes for the Opera directly from the settings window clearance. To do this in the "Appearance" ("Clearance") you should click "Find More Themes" ("Find themes"), after the browser opens the tab "Opera add-ons (add-Ons Opera") the topics are divided into 4 categories: "Recommended" ("Recommended"), "Top rated" ("Best"), "Popular" ("Popular") and "New" ("New"). Each topic is accompanied by a screenshot and a short info: the name of the theme, its rating (on a 5-point scale) and a link to the reviews, clicking on which you will be taken to a page with user feedback and a complete description of the topic.

Next, how to install a skin that you like? For this page with a full description, click on "Add to Opera" ("add to Opera"). The browser will download and install the theme. To see a list of all the downloaded themes and change the theme to any other one or even delete, all in the same window "Appearance" ("Clearance").

How to install skins in OperaBy using themes you can change the "appearance" of your Internet browser prior to recognition, and if desired, even to resemble any other - for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla. However, you should consider the fact that the theme might not be compatible with the latest version of the browser. Information about compatibility can be found usually on the page with a full description of which has already been mentioned above.

Design for the Opera
Opera RegistrationNow you know how to install skins in Opera. As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated, but the main problem may be is that the problem of choice - so much variety!

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