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Racing PC car tuning - varied genre. Most of the developers of these games try to insert in your product as much as possible of the various chips associated with customization of cars. If you wanted to try yourself as a racer and mechanic at the same time - this top racing to PC tuning car for you.

The Top is small because it is really worthy and large projects in this genre not so much. Some are released in a single copy, some sold on the entire game series. So let's start top from the last place.


This series is a bright representative of the racing genre on PC with tuning cars. The list opens it, because at the time, did not get a huge popularity. The first part was released in 2007 and was completely devoted to the then fashionable street racing. Great choice of cars, from city hatchbacks to sports cars. Each of them offers a wide selection of parts from the hood to the body before upgrading the engine. To change to anonymity could not only appearance but also the technical characteristics of the car. Car lovers were impressed with the fact that all spare parts were real, and they can be purchased for your car in life.

racing on PC tuning car list

The Second part followed the same principles. Only the developers have improved all several times: more cars, more tuning, better graphics. Unfortunately, as the first part, she did not find popularity with the public.

Street Racing Syndicate

Continuing the top of the genre "race to PC tuning car" list adds Street Racing Syndicate. Regular street racing, Japanese cars and tuning. The game itself was pretty mediocre. The technical component is very sad: primitive graphics, behavior model car on the road bad even for arcade. The only plus - car improvement. Opportunities less than Jucied, but fans of body kits and spoilers like it.


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The Crew

The List of races to PC tuning car continues the game from the company Ubisoft. The Crew was released recently and like the previous race did not get a huge fame. Although the result was rather curious.

In this game oen extensive customization. From your car you can do anything. Chevrolet Camaro to turn into a drift car, and racing a Porsche in Bigfoot. The entire modernization, which is happening in parts so that you can learn all the basic components of the car. There is also external car tuning.

list of races on your PC with tuning auto

In addition, the game has a huge open world, the role of which performs the whole continent. Of course, the scale and most of the roads abolished, but the journey across the map will take you more than an hour.

racing on PC tuning auto

Need For Speed

The Second place of the top in the genre of "race to PC tuning car". The list the game adds deserved. The NFS series is the legendary racing franchise. The game includes more than 14 parts today. Tuning and customization was in the game not all the time. Tuning first appeared in NFS Underground in 2003. This part of the game series revolutionised the genre. Subsequent games in the series continued to develop the theme of street racing and a wide customization possibilities. Up to Shift. This game changes the vector of development and becomes powerkadu-presimulation. illegal street racing has been replaced by professional tracks. The auto setting became more complex and includes not only vinyls and bumpers, but also the parameters for suspension, engine, rpm and so on. The game got a sequel, which decided to release the label NFS and Shift 2 just called.

top racing PC tuning auto

Subsequent games in the series is difficult to name outstanding in terms of tuning. All the customization in them is limited to body painting and vinyls. But in 2015 was released restarting NFS without the subtitle. The game returns to the roots of the beginning of zero, adjusted for time. The sea parts and the opportunities to create a unique cramp. The new NFS should be out for PC in spring 2016.

Street Legal Racing Redline

First place in the genre of "race to PC tuning car". The list is headed by game Street Legal Racing Redline. In General, it can be put on a par with NFS in popularity and importance. Street Legal Racing Redline created for those who are interested in the process of building a car from scratch. The race itself and the competition, to be honest, in this game not so interesting. But to create a racing car starting with the wheels, and pick up each screw is quite a niche pleasure. So the game has gained great popularity among the fans of the technical side than spectacular ride.

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