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Quite often, in the offices of various companies you can meet MFP “Samsung”. These devices have pretty good specifications and affordable price. In the framework of this review will detail the range of printing systems of this manufacturer.

MFP laser Samsung

Typical kitting list

Today's MFPs “Samsung” have a standard list of supplies, which includes:

  1. The workflow System.
  2. Monochromatic solutions are equipped with one cartridge, and color - set of 4 pieces.
  3. Power cord and the interface cable. Using the first of them implements the power supply of the MFP. The second provides switching with the control system.
  4. Disc with the disc Manager software, diagnostic software and documentation.
  5. User Manual.
  6. Signature card from the company "Samsung" for a period of warranty of 1 year. The validity of the latter is calculated from the date of purchase multi-function devices.

A Distinctive feature of the South Korean company is that the list supplied must include a promotional brochure. And they not only detail capabilities of the device, and other solutions of this producer.

All printing systems of this brand are based on the method of laser output. Its advantages include speed and minimal costs for consumable items. But the downside, users include high power consumption and mediocre quality of the derived documentation.

Samsung MFP manual

Division of printing systems groups

Conventionally modern versions MFP “Samsung” can be divided into 3 large groups.

Print System entry-level is able to display 5,000 to 10,000 pages per month. Have low speed and operated in a monochromatic mode, and the communication of their list is only from the USB port. Recommended the cost is 8000-10000 rubles.


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MFP average level have a more advanced technical specification. Also speed are much better. But the cost in this case is in the range from 10000 to 30000 rubles.

As you can guess, the workflow system in the premium segment have the highest performance, enhanced specifications, advanced communication list, and can output high-quality color images. The price for them starts from 30,000 rubles.

Entry level

Laser MFP “Samsung” model SL-M2070W is an entry-level solution. Main storage size for him — A4. Also, as mentioned earlier, this device outputs page in the monochromatic version. Resolution is 1200 x 1200. This value is sufficient for text, tables and simple graphs, but for high-quality photos or pictures that many points will not be enough.

The print subsystem is capable of producing up to 20 pages of A4 size per minute. Monthly resource of this decision is limited to 10,000 sheets. Supported model cartridge MLT-D115L, one filling is enough for output of 1000 sheets. That is, in the case of working in the most intensive mode, the cartridge will need to 10 times a month to refill. Interface kit this MFP includes a USB port and wireless Wi-Fi transmitter. Optimally such a device to be used in case of creation of subsystem of workflow in a very small office with a number of computers not more than 10 pieces or in the home.

Samsung MFP reviews

The workflow of the middle class

MFP “Samsung” mid-range indicates a support document in color. Also the limit of such devices is increased already up to 20,000 pages. These are the characteristics of the multi-function device model SL-C480W. The resolution has increased up to 2400 x 600. All this allows to deduce average quality pictures. Thus to count on getting a quality photo is not necessary. Communication list of this MFP are supplemented with RJ-45 port.

The Main field of use of such a document management system — it's the average office. In this case, the number of computing systems should be in the range of 10 to 30 pieces.

Premium choice

This positioning is indicative of the characteristics of MFP “Samsung” CLX-6260FW. The limit of this peripheral system is equal to 60000 sheets. The resolution is 9600 x 600. That is, pictures with it you can output. The communication list is identical to the average model. But also has duplex - printing is possible on both sides of the page automatically. Such a multifunction device is recommended for use in large office or copy center.

Samsung MFP overview


A simple and intuitive procedure for settings of any MFP “Samsung”. The manual consists of the following main steps:

Unpack the workflow system. Set to the normal operation of trays and discharge the cartridge. Recovered from the body of the vehicle mounts.

Plug wire to the system unit of a personal computer. The power cord should then connect the socket MFP and electricity network.

To Include a computer and printer. At the end of the boot process of the electronic computer run it the installation of drivers and diagnostic software. Reboot computer.

At the final stage of printing a test page instance.

Now the workflow system is configured and ready for active service.

Samsung MFP features


Junior model SL-M2070W discussed in this review, currently estimated at 8000-9000 rubles. The cost of a mid-level solution SL-C480W with support of displaying information in color is 18000-19000 RUR. Well premium MFP models CLX-6260FW is now estimated at 40,000 rubles. In any case, such a price tag is justified from the point of technical parameters such document management systems.


A number of significant advantages in comparison with analogues indicate that the owners of any MFP “Samsung”. Reviews especially underline the following ones:

  • Reliability of peripherals.
  • Low cost of the printing system and a consumable component to it.
  • Simple and intuitive setting procedure.
  • Sufficient list of equipment.
  • High level of service support.
  • The Possibility of refilling cartridges.

By cons can only be attributed to the fact that the list of supported systems do not exist UNIX and Linux. But such software is very rare, so this drawback is not so relevant.

Samsung MFP

In conclusion

The material was examined range of modern MFP “Samsung”. This South Korean manufacturer of peripheral equipment are quite creative about this issue, and in each niche is a great printing solution that boasts an excellent combination of democratic value and performance. As a result, the use of such document management systems in each case is more than warranted and justified.


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