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There are Times, when interesting and useful apps for Windows Phone was critically low, are long gone. Now in the Marketplace a lot of diverse multidisciplinary programs, not to mention browsers that provide access to the worldwide network.

The Variety of web browsers

In the modern technological world all my dreams turned into reality, even now it is impossible to give an exact number of apps for smartphones. Browsers for Windows Phone stands out in a separate category. Most of them are based on IE engine that has good functionality and ergonomic qualities.

browsers for windows phone

Each device with the operating system Windows Phone has a built-in browser. But it has features that motivate customers to use other apps. For example, it is not capable of storing the visited pages in the cache, and re-watching them will have to download again. This inconvenience provokes increased bandwidth consumption and prolongs the loading time of a web page.

But this is not the only program, there are other functional browsers for Windows Phone with improved characteristics. Now we will consider it.

Popular browsers

  • UC Browser. Properly implemented an application with a simple interface and additional features: changeable Wallpaper, anonymous surfing and task Manager. The browser uses the data compression of the traffic.
  • Opera Mini. Fast browser that uses the technology of reducing the size of transmitted data. Private tabs make browsing anonymous, and transitions to new sites takes a matter of seconds.
  • Next Browser. The app, which is operative to switch between open tabs, lock rotation, the ability to change themes and browser support full-screen mode.

Browsers for Windows Phone feature, but the above programs have long been recognized as simply tools to surf the web.


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Choosing the best browser for your smartphone

When deciding on an Internet browser, you need to consider its quality that is important to you.

best browser for windows phone

Browsers for Windows Phone have the following important characteristics:

  • Ergonomics and design. A new approach to software development came together with touch input method information. The average smartphone screens impose limitations on design and layout of controls of the browser. Only successful submission of a set of features making the browser popular among users.
  • Functionality. Besides being able to view a web page, the browser needs to work with downloads, bookmarks, history, passwords and other additions.
  • Download Speeds.

Choosing the best browser for Windows Phone, you need to consider the number of supported standards, and the lack of negative consequences for the performance of the device.

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