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Probably everyone is faced with this situation, when the computer began to brake, long boot, slow to open programs, files, etc. Reasons why this happens can be many, but the way the solution is always the same – cleaning, optimizing and accelerating your PC using special software. This is what today will be discussed – about the best programs to optimize PC. It will be interesting!

When you need optimization?

the acceleration and optimization of computer

Before proceeding to the consideration of programs that I would like to tell a little bit about, in some cases, you may need optimization. Total, there are three causes: the deterioration in performance, junk files and system errors. Now a little more about everything.


Optimization of computer is necessary if the PC has become much slower. Notice it is easy enough to pay attention to how long it takes to download, how to quickly open folders, files, programs etc. Usually, if the computer a lot “garbage”, the performance will be greatly reduced.

Unnecessary files

The Second reason why it is necessary to use optimization-removal of temporary, residual and junk files from your PC. The fact is that when you install any programs or games are created, some temporary files are written to the keys in the system registry, and when suddenly, the program deleted most of these files remains. The same thing happens with Windows update, which after installing will not removed, and continue to be stored on disk. To get rid of all of this, you need to use optimization.


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System errors and service

The Third reason – the correction of errors, disable unnecessary services, configure AutoPlay settings and so on. In any computer will sooner or later begin to appear all sorts of mistakes. Also by default in "Windows" includes many different system services, some of them simply do not need a standard user and only slow down a PC. The same applies to the autorun menu, which contains various programs that are automatically starting when the computer starts, which slows down loading.

To Correct all these problems (and not only these) you can use special software to optimize the operation of your computer. But what is it? More on that below.


program optimization PC CCleaner

The First program that will help optimize the operation of your computer – CCleaner. Available on the market for quite a long time, and for many years developers were able to clearly and accurately set algorithms for search problems and their elimination. CCleaner has several types of licenses, including a free version, where there is everything you need.

Program features

So now is a little more familiar with the capabilities of the program. At startup, the user will find 4 icons menu: cleaning, registry, services and settings. Optimization and acceleration of work of computer is performed through the first paragraph – “Cleaning”. All the necessary boxes for the items already bear the program. The user can click on “Analysis” and wait for completion. Once everything is ready, you can click on cleaning.

cleaning the system using CCleaner

It is Also useful to pay attention to the second point - the “Register”. Launching CCleaner will scan the system registry for errors and unnecessary entries, then they can be removed. The third point is “Service” - allows the user to remove the unwanted programs from the computer, adjust the AutoPlay settings, cleanup the disks, system restore, and find duplicate files.

The disadvantage is that the inability to turn off unnecessary system services.

Advanced System Care

Following in the list of program to optimize computer – Advanced System Care. This product for many years with CCleaner competes for the right to be the best optimizer, however, to compare these two programs directly still not worth it. Features of Advanced System Care is much wider, due to which it can be considered a kind of “harvester” with a bunch of useful settings and tools.

program interface Advanced System Care

The program Interface is simple and intuitive, so to deal with him would be easy. As for the types of licenses, as in the previous case, there are several options, among which the available free version. Yes, there are certain restrictions on some functions, but again, the need for the optimization, “you”.


Program to optimize the computer Advanced System Care works very simply. The entire interface is implemented in the form of 5 tabs, of which of particular interest are the only two – “and software” and “Accelerate”.

Tab “and software” is just to perform a computer for errors, garbage files and then delete them. In addition, here at the bottom you can put additional checkboxes for performing other useful operations, such as registry defragmentation, disk optimization, and systems, repair labels and so on. To start the optimization, only need to push the big button “start” in the middle. The whole process will take some time, so will have to wait. On completion remain to click on the “Correct” to fix it.

Advanced System Care

The Second tab is “Accelerate” - offers the user several useful tools, but to use them, you will have to install additional programs. Use here is only one item – “Deep optimization”. Feature allows you to optimize and speed up critical system settings, is also available from the launch acceleration, increase the speed of PC, etc.

Disadvantages of Advanced System Care are the following: for some missions you need to install additional programs, the free version is missing the ability to disable unnecessary Windows services and some other tools like disk Defragmenter and other.

Auslogic BootSpeed

Another useful program that allows you to optimize the operation of your computer – Auslogic BootSpeed. In its features it is a kind of mixture of two previous products, but still there are differences. Auslogic BootSpeed working on their algorithms, which sometimes carry out much more detailed fault analysis.

the program Auslogic BootSpeed

Traditionally, the free version has limitations, but its functionality is much broader than the competition. As for UI, it is very simple and clear, all functions are listed on separate tabs.

Program features

Auslogic BootSpeed – program to optimize computer for Windows 7, 8, 8. 1 and 10 versions. Earlier OS are very old, therefore this software may not work correctly.

So, despite the presence of many tabs, the interest in Auslogic BootSpeed cause only 3: “Chief”, “Cleaning PC” and “Windows Optimization”. In order to start scanning for errors and malfunctions, you need to click on the “Check”. It is worth noting that after the start automatically play are the tools of the tabs “PC Clean up” and “data Protection", so after again they can not return. Once scanning is finished, we can start cleaning. Unfortunately, here the user is waiting for a serious flaw-free version fixes not all problems, just most of them.

optimize your PC with Auslogic BootSpeed

Also worth noting is a large set of tools on the home tab at the bottom. They can be used to defragment the drive, disable unnecessary programs from startup, to reduce the consumption of Windows resources, and much more. On the one hand, it's great, but all these tools have one free run.

As for the menu tabs “Windows Optimization”, then you can check the performance of your computer, its security and stability. The process can take some time, so will need to wait until the end. Auslogic BootSpeed will conduct a scan and then displays a list of problems to fix. Unfortunately, automatically do do not succeed because...

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