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Intrusive banners get us anywhere. On the street are put up bright billboards urging them to buy anything, and commercials on the TV became a usual course of life. No exception was the Internet, here for sites to post links for goods and services. From the article we learn how to remove ads in the browser forever.

What is?

It's No secret that everyone wants to make money on your content. For example, a broadcasting time on TV is sold to advertisers. And the money shot interesting, are paid salaries and bonuses, and the journalists sent on a business trip. In this case, learn how to remove ads, it is impossible, just turn the channel.

For a little different, the cost is significantly cheaper. However, this situation will soon change. On large sites is worth no less than an apartment in Moscow. From the money paid by the advertiser to the holders of the website is paid hosting, the salaries of editors, and copywriters.

Where does it come from?

Demand creates supply. So it is with advertising. Manufacturers want to advertise your brand, buying more people. The best marketing giant you can call the manufacturer of the popular soft drink called "Coca-Cola". And when you see another ad unit – you know, the money received from advertising, live site.

Some wicked application developers sewn into their product advertising that is displayed when entering the browser. And to get rid of it is not so easy, antivirus is not always capable of catching spam advertising.

«Yandex. Browser”. The first method

First look into how to remove ads in browsers, and then move on to mobile devices. Advertising, which has already appeared in your browser – this is a consequence of your past actions. View the Downloads folder, if there are two or three days ago, delete or uninstall any files that you have downloaded during this period of time.


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Sometimes, the above action is not enough, then bringing special programs. They will check your computer for the presence of ad virus.

  1. Hitman Pro. On the official website are given the opportunity to download a free 30-day trial version. In English, it requires no installation and weighs about 12 MB.
  2. Makwarebytes Antimalware. This time the utility is completely Russified, but to use the app for free in just 14 days. The program provides protection to a user on several levels, and saves from Internet ransomware and malware.
  3. Dr. Web Curetlt. Application from Russian programmers on the market since 2007. In case of any questions you answer around the clock Russian support. Utility copes with the threats, but not a full antivirus.

All of the above programs for a regular subscription will cost money, Dr only. Web absolutely free. But in comparison with functionality of other utilities, he is an outsider. Now you know how to remove ads «Yandex.Browser” the first method.

Screenshot of Yandex.Browser

«Yandex.Browser”. The second method

In popular browsers have built their own algorithms of protection against annoying ads. And to enable them, will have to dig around in the app settings. But we have done everything for you, you just need to follow the following algorithm:

  1. Go to "Settings" (located in the upper right corner in the form of three vertical lines).
  2. Choose "Show advanced settings" and go to "privacy Protection".
  3. Click on "Block pop-up Windows on all sites".

Remove ads «Yandex.Browser” is very easy, it is the most portable and flexible Internet browser. There are a lot of different functions, and it is made by a Russian company. So, if anything, you can easily contact the service company.

Menu "Settings"

Add-Ons for browsers

With the help of special tools you can get rid of annoying ads. However, some sites do not allow holders to such software to your website. And to go there, you either have to turn off utilities, or remove them.

Remember that the live is a large part of the sites. Without it they cannot exist. But if you decide, you now learn how to remove ads forever. Below are the top 3 best utilities that hide advertising banners.

The First place. Adblock Plus

Do Not require a purchase, is absolutely free in any region of the world. Compatible with key operating systems like "Windows", "Linux", and MacOS. And also suitable for all popular browsers.

The First place due to the large number of downloads by ad blocker. He copes with native, banner and other advertising. If necessary "Adblock Plus" is easily configurable. For example, you can configure filters. The set utility is a small antivirus that will prevent visits to dangerous websites.

Some is not blocked, is made to support the sites. And the amazing thing is "Adblock" to respond to advertising in video, now in “YouTube” no annoying previews. It also protects against surveillance and ensures data security.


Addition to AdBlock. Element Hiding Helper

The Program is free and acts as an extension to ‘Adblock”. And so it should be compatible with most browsers and operating systems. Russian language is supported. If "Adblock" is not completely removed promotional content, utility ‘Hiding Helper” is able to remove any part of the page.

For example, using “Won” you eliminated most of the advertising, but some of the links or buttons left. Because the program considered them to be for acceptable performance. But if you need total deliverance from advertising, then it comes in the ‘Hiding Helper”.

To find out how to remove the ads, follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the icon "Adblock" it is in the upper right corner of the browser.
  2. Then click “Choose hide element”. Also called hot key combination Ctrl + Shift + F3.
  3. The mouse Cursor hover over that part of the page that you want to hide.
  4. This area is highlighted with a red frame, click on it and click "Add filter".

Congratulations! You got rid of all of the possible types of advertising. We now turn to other applications.

Second place. uBlock Origin

At this time, support for Russian language there. UBlock works fine in all popular browsers and in most operating systems. Functionality similar to “Adblokom Plus”.

But uBlock is much more effective in terms of energy consumption. It is not so much slow loading pages because of less traffic consumption. It combines the functionality of two previous programs, allowing you to hide absolutely all promotional content.

Some of the blockers have entered into a "criminal" collusion with advertisers. And native commercials and banners are not blocked, but the ability to turn them off remains. It will have to dig into the settings and uncheck the appropriate item.

Because of hidden advertising and the lack of Russian localization program uBlock stood on the second place.

Iblock blocker

Third place. Ghostery

Perhaps the most beautiful blocker, which is supported by the «Yandex.Browser”, “Opera”, “Safari”, “Internet Explorer”, “Google Chrome" and most of the popular operating systems.

Functionality of “coercion” is very wide – it not only saves you from the hype, but also prohibits the collection of data about you. Therefore it is not recommended to set it as the primary blocker.

In Addition, it significantly speeds up page loading and has a nice interface. When registering in the system you will see a dialog box where you can select application settings.

Cheerful Ghost

Total cleanup banners

Is lacking not only in web browsers. In many applications of type “Torrent”, “Get” and other are also ad units. And to get rid of them, “Won” or uBlock is not enough. So let's see how to remove pop up ads in other applications.

The First method. Adguard

The program supports the Russian language. And the installation only happens on "Windows" or MacOS "Linux" is not supported. Free version available to all users within 14 days, after which it is necessary to pay about 250 rubles for a year's subscription.

Blocks all forms of advertising, both in browsers and in apps. A wide range of settings, if necessary, the sensitivity slider you can tweak. Has parental control which allows to prohibit a child to unwanted sites.

Adguard Also protects you from malicious sites, phishing sites and Scam. Prohibits sending data about you to third party sites. In General, a very useful utility.

Utility lock

The Second way. AdFender

It is Worth noting that the app is completely in English. But the interface is simple and very easy to understand. Perfectly blocks all ads and other unwanted content.

The Program is frequently updated, and the updated database of malicious sites and introducing new technologies to the detection and concealment of advertising banners. The app is free, however you will have to pay about $ 19 per year to use the whole functionality:

  1. Communication with technical support.
  2. Block ads on social networks.
  3. Superior protection.
  4. License subscription.

At the moment the discount, and the tool only costs about 15 dollars.

Menu Adventure

Where to download the utility for ad-blocking?

Let's see how to remove pop-up ads and install the above applications. As example, take the «Yandex.Browser”.

  1. Go to “Additions” (upper right corner).
  2. Scroll to the bottom, to “the extension Directory for "Yandex.Browser"”.
  3. Click on it, and a new window opens with many applications.
  4. Just below the search bar in the right corner says "Search by extension".
  5. Break the program, andinstall it.

Some applications in «Yandex.Browser”, but there are many built-in tools in the browser itself, which eliminates the ads, you can turn them on or off in the tab “Extras”. Choose what is comfortable for you and use.

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