Anysend: what is this program and how to remove it in its entirety?


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Quite often, many users find their computers the presence of a strange applet called Anysend. What is this application, many do not really know. Meanwhile, it is worth to say that you need to remove it immediately because it is an adware virus hijacker related to the category of Adware or unwanted programs (PUP). This can be done simply, however, it is worth considering that if you do not perform the following actions in full, the virus can be activated again, as it has a function of creating duplicates and self-healing.

Anysend: what is it?

If to speak about the virus, in General from their relatives it is a little different. Sneaks in under the guise of affiliate software when installing other programs, and downloaded from unverified or dubious sources. In the end, the user receives unnecessary and dangerous application Anysend. What is that in terms of the impact on the system?

virus process in task Manager

As usual, the virus creates its own process in the operating system embeds your add-ins and extensions available in all browsers, replaces home page, which was set by the user to open a browser, introduces their own search engine fills the browser with ads and when the user requests begins to produce the constant redirect to websites of questionable content. All this affects the system to such an extent that the resource consumption increases and the performance decreases several times.


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How to remove Anysend: standard uninstalling

The Removal of this virus usually does not cause any problems. Here only the relevant protective programs define it always, because it is in a trusted status, in fact, like most of the applets in this category. This is the Anysend program. What is this a little clearer. But how to get rid of it?

Programs and Windows components

Everything is simple. First you need to use the standard category of software and components, which is in “control Panel”, choose from the list the desired application and click uninstall.

However, this is not enough. What is this program (Adware) virus type, if it does not leave behind any traces? Indeed, all applications of this type just are not deleted, so first have to get rid of everything that connected with it.

Clean up registry, files and folders

First need to call the registry editor by running it as administrator with the command regedit in the console “Run”.

Search the registry

In the editor you will need to use a search engine (Ctrl + F) to enter the name of the program and get rid of the found keys. Keep in mind that everything they will not be shown. To move from one result found to the other you need press F3, removing all that is, the system will display a message indicating that the search is over and the more results upon request.

But in this case, it is too early to rejoice. Now the same procedure needs to be done in “Explorer”. Here, however, will display all the found elements. They should be removed. If not, you may need to use Unlocker utility to unlock (although this is unlikely).

Using scripts

To Simplify the task of removing this threat and its residues by using a special Uninstaller like iObit Uninstaller.

Here in the same list as in Windows, find the desired applet, click the delete button in the basket, at the end of the standard procedure include powerful scanning and found the items to be automatically selected, delete by checking the box at the point of destruction of files.

Fix suspicious

But that's not all that relates to the application, Anysend. What is this program and how to remove it by standard methods, clear. Now the most important thing. The problem is that the virus registers your add-in properties of the startup file browsers. These paths also need to be cleaned.

the properties of the browser shortcut

In this case use menu right-clicking on the Explorer shortcut or the executable file, selecting the properties. It has a field of type object that specifies the target path of the startup file. It ends the file name with an. EXE extension (for example, Firefox.exe for Opera is Launcher.exe). Everything written after this, remove and save the changes. And only after all above actions are done, Windows can be subjected to a complete reboot. The idea is that it will remove the virus and all of its residual components. Incidentally, it is clean registry keys and file paths of browsers ensures that this threat is not activated again. So, these steps need to be mandatory.


That's all for the program Anysend. As you could already notice, the removal of even manual method is a standard procedure that applies to all threats oftype. Finally it remains to give advice to all users to load or install programs always use, if not official, at least, proven and credible sources.

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