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Universal bus USB is a popular interface of a personal computer. They allow connecting different devices up to 127 units. Universal USB bus support connect/disconnect devices without turning off the power of the personal computer. While the connected device can be supplied via the USB interface that eliminates the need to use additional power supplies. In this article we will talk about a device such as a USB controller. We will consider its purpose, characteristics and types.usb controller

Why the need For the USB controller?

This device provides the communication of all connected to the bus of peripheral devices. The USB controller is an intelligent device that is able to interact in bypass of the Central processor with a RAM of a personal computer through memory access. The type of integration of such devices can be used in the composition of the system logic, either as separate integrated circuits (chips) on the motherboard of the computer and on external boards (expansion card). According to the method of connecting PCI  the USB controller can be made to the PCI bus and PCI Express.

Specifications and device types

pci usb controllerFor the specification of USB1.1 developed two types of such devices. So for USB1.0 Intel developed USB controllers UHCI and OHCI. The difference between these devices lies only in the method of access to the registers. In the first case, the registers are structurally located in the space port system responsible for the input-output information and the second section are in personal computer memory. USB OHCI controller type is considered to be more intelligent compared to the UHCI type. This advantage lies in its ability to free the main processor from having to perform routine operations related to data transfer on USB serial buses. Both controllers use 32-bit addressing.


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For USB2.0 developed the universal serial bus controller USB EHCI type. It is able to support high speed (480 Mbps). In the controller, split transactions supports low-speed interface, USB1.1 to support slower devices.high speed usb host controller

For USB3.0 developed a high-speed USB HOST XHCI controller of the type which is able to support the exchange of information on all three speeds.


To summarize, let's say that if your computer has USB ports, thanks to a small upgrade it is possible to install a USB controller. Such devices are expansion cards PCI or PC cards for laptops. Remote controllers come with support for USB1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. If you have decided to install such a device, it is better to choose a higher speed, because they cost almost the same. According to this principle, it is possible to replace an existing controller for more speed. However, such modernization should not be forgotten that for proper operation of the device will need to reinstall the drivers for this controller.

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