How to restore the toolbar languages in Windows 7. What to do if you disappeared language bar in Windows 7


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People use the computer for many years, but encountered problems with the operation of the device is still putting them out of balance. It often happens that even such a minor difficulty as the disappearance of the language bar, causing user to restore the languages panel in windows 7

What is the panel of languages and what is it for

This panel is a set of tools that can be conveniently viewed on the desktop. Using the language bar to change the layout directly from the taskbar that it saves time. It displays an icon that identifies the current language. If the Toolbox disappears, it gives the user great inconvenience, so you need to know how to restore the toolbar languages in Windows 7.

To switch input language there are two simplest ways:

  • Click the left mouse button on the icon “tray” and select the desired language.
  • But if this method for some reason does not fit, the language changes on the keyboard. To do this, press the key combination Ctr + Shift or Alt + Shift.

Sometimes the user notices that disappeared language bar Windows 7, so you can switch the layout becomes impossible. Reasons for this situation can be very many, ranging from incorrect user actions and ending with “bugs” system. Often the difficulty is found after the installation of third-party programs that optimize the operation of the device. To work, you need to know how to restore the toolbar languages in Windows 7.


The simplest and easiest way that will help to return the set of tools is to restart the computer. But this method does not always help, so you should know other possibilities to return the language bar in Windows 7.


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disappeared language bar windows 7

To Activate the keyboard languages you can use the taskbar. In the menu “toolbars” you must select the "Language bar" checkbox. But sometimes there is no such item. In this case you should select “control Panel” and select “regional settings". In the tab “Languages” we need to find the item “Settings” and press "Language bar". In the opened window you want to enable the option "Show the language bar". Now it should appear.

In the case where the enable language bar in Windows 7 so it did not work and the option "Language bar" is not available, you must perform the following steps:

  • restore language bar windows 7

    In the tab “control Panel" find an item ‘The regional and language options".
  • Choose “Languages” option and click “Advanced”. Here you need to check is activated if the string ‘turn Off advanced text services". If this option is disabled, the language bar will appear.

Sometimes a user will inadvertently select "Show the language bar", and after it is displayed at the top of the screen, and it is not immediately obvious. To get her back on the taskbar, just minimize the window.

In the tab “General” there are two layouts: Russian and English. If necessary, you can add or change your languages. When all changes are made, you need to confirm your choice by selecting "Embodied in the task bar” and click OK. If this does not work, you should go to the next one.

Scheduled tasks

The Language bar is connected with the scheduler, so you need to ensure that the service functions properly. To check this, click the right button on the icon “Computer” and select “Control”. In "Services and applications” on the right side is “Scheduler”. It needs to be in working condition. The startup type should be set in the mode “automatically”.

In the case when the scheduler is working, but disappeared language bar Windows 7 does not appear, you need to check whether the activated task in the scheduler. To do this, you must do the following:

  • In the menu “start” there is a search bar, it is necessary to specify “scheduler” and issued the results, select “Scheduler”.
  • In opened window in the left part is “scheduler Library”. Then select Microsoft, Windows and TextServicesFramework. Following instructions, the user will be able to understand how to restore the toolbar languages in Windows 7.
  • MsCtfMonitor Task will be located on the right side. You need to click on it right mouse button and select “Enable”. If this option is not, and shows only the function of “Off”, it means that all options are set correctly.

How to create a task MsCtfMonitor

But it so happens that the MsCtfMonitor no task. In this case, you must create it. You need to perform the following steps:

  • Download the file and unzip MsCtfMonitor.
  • Right-click click on the item TextServicesFramework and pick the line "Import task”.
  • After selecting the downloaded file, to include the task and restart the computer.

enable the language bar in windows 7

Helper methods

Some users more choice the other wayto restore the toolbar languages in Windows 7. There is a special program Punto Switcher, but you can download it better from official sources. It is not intended to restore the panel, but is used to recognize language that is used. It is quite convenient, as the layout also changes.

The Program has one more unquestionable advantage: for switching layouts you can use different key combinations. Very convenient for these purposes to use only one button. To set these parameters, press the right button of the mouse on the program icon and select the tab “Settings”. Then you should select “General”, and then go to “Switching layouts..." and there to tick the most appropriate option.

If the user wants the system to have many languages, but mostly he works with two, it is advisable to tick the ‘only …/…”. It is much easier to perform the task.

 set language bar windows 7

Restore the language bar by using a. REG file

To install the language bar in Windows 7, you must use a. REG file. It contains information that will be able to make changes to the registry and fix the work ctfmon.exe. The text in the Notepad you need to save in format .reg and then run it again. Then left to restart the computer.

Often, problems with the layout languages arise in the case when the default Russian language. You should try to change it to English. Perhaps this will eliminate the problem.

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