How to install mods for the "Sims 3": installation methods and existing formats


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Quite often, many players wonder how to install mods for "the Sims 3". The thing is that they help to diversify the gameplay, to add some flavor. So, installing mods has become quite a popular part of the series "the Sims". Let's try to figure out how to install mods in Sims 3. Detailed installation instructions will be presented to your to install mods on the Sims 3


So, quite an important part of any installation is the proper preparation to the process. The thing is that before you install mods for "the Sims 3", it is necessary to know some details, so you do not have a lot of problems. Let's see what you should do before you start the installation.

The First thing you need to understand that all the mods installed on the game, generally Packed in RAR or ZIP archives. If you have a "clean" operating system, where you only have one game and nothing else, install the program-archiver. Perfect WinRar. After that, you can figure out how to install mods for "the Sims 3".

Now a little about the features of the extracted files. When you unpack a Supplement, you'll see that the format may be different. More precisely, there are 3 types of mods. Note that each of them is installed differently. So don't be alarmed if, after downloading a few add-ons and unpacked them, you'll see sim3pack, package and sim. All this is included in the standard extension modifications. We talk more about installing each of them. Now, when everything is ready, you can begin to act.


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Install sim3pack

So let's see how to answer the question: "In Sims 3 how to install mods?" We begin with a fairly common format - sim3pack. First, you need to find the appropriate Supplement, and then unzip it. Can simply open the archive and drag the attached files to any location. Most importantly, remember exactly where you put them.where to install mods the Sims 3

Now let's think about where to install mods "the Sims 3". The thing is that this generally depends on the success of the entire installation. If you have extracted only 1 file, you can simply double-click on it and all. But if you have more, you have to find the Downloads folder. It is in "My documents" in main daddy the Sims 3. If you have already installed the modifications in the previous part of the Sims, you will understand what was going on.

Now run the game patcher. It opens when attempting to start the game. Go to "Downloads" and select the additions that you want to install. Left click on the "Install" button and wait for the end of the process. Ready, the mod is installed.

Installing a package

Now it's time to talk about the second format mods for the "Sims". This extension installs a bit easier than the previous format. As a rule, it does not need to run the patcher and wait until he "deigns" to install mods. Sometimes this process can take about an hour of free time. So the package format helps to reduce the timeout to install mods in sims 3 detailed instructions

To get started, download and extract Supplement. Now you simply drag everything you need in the Packeges folder. It should be located in "My documents" in the root of the daddy game "the Sims 3". However, by default it will not be here. Will have to create it manually. But before that you need to "create" the Mods folder inside the Sims 3, and already inside Packages. Now just drag all the necessary additions. Now in Mods, create a file or download a Resource.cfg. Without it you will not be able to install mods. If you decide to do it yourself, using Notepad, write in it:

Priority 500

PackedFile Packages/*.package

PackedFile Packages/*/*.package

PackedFile Packages/*/*/*.package

PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*.package

PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*/*.package

PackedFile dbcss/*.dbc

PackedFile dbcss/*/*.dbc

Can Now save the file and rejoice the installed add-ons. However, there is another format that we haven't considered.

Installing sim

Now that you already know how to install mods for "the Sims 3", which is the vast majority of modifications you should think about the last format that we have not yet reviewed sim. It is a lot easier than others. There is no need to create any additional files or to use the settings.sims 3 how to install mods

The First thing just extract Supplement. Now you just need to upload all the downloaded files into the folder SavedSims. She, like everyone else, is in "My documents" in the root Sims 3 daddy. After that just run the game. You will see all the mods that you downloaded.

By the Way, you need to look for them in the editor of your Sims. The fact that sim is responsible for working with the create a SIM. It includes the model of the character, his eyes, lips, clothes and so on. But all other modes should be sought in the modes of construction and any action.

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