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Today, there are a lot of gaming projects in which you can earn real money. Of course, many of them give fraud and do not deserve the attention of people wanting to get cash for the game. At the same time, some strategies have earned the trust of users. In this short review, we will tell you about the game “Lucky bum”, which reviews more than positive.lucky bum reviews


“Lucky bum” – the game is quite new and completely different from the other projects. Here you don't need, like an ordinary farmer, to grow crops, to engage in the construction or development of the city. In the story, you find yourself in 90 years and become the most common homeless. And now you need to make your character quite a wealthy citizen. You have several possibilities to achieve this in the game "Lucky bum" reviews, which you can find below. Your character can be as simple citizen and oligarch or criminal authority - it all depends on your desire and activity.lucky bum login

The Authors did a good job on the story and mechanics of the strategy “Lucky bum”. The game is pretty realistic in terms of living conditions. Because it shows all the difficulties that we face in reality. For example, to get a good job, your character needs to stop being a bum. And in order to open a business, you need “to give a paw” to the local mayor. So the path to success will be challenging.

The Principles “Lucky bum”

Strategy gives you the opportunity to earn capital without any investment. But note that from the homeless to successful entrepreneur without investment is a pretty long time. So, starting to play, you will think about whether to pour a small amount of money in the strategy “Lucky bum”.


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The Entrance will bring to your account 10 rubles – this sum will be the starting capital. Initially your character will not be so many possibilities for earnings. At first, you will be able to beg or work the crowd at meetings. This work does not require “roll back”, so that the income from it will be going regularly by himself.lucky bum game But such lessons will not bring you serious profit, but to find a better job, will need to get hold of at least some housing and have at least 100. This amount you can earn “get-together at meetings”, but when you consider that such activity brings 1 ruble per day, we can understand that it will happen soon. But you can top up your balance with real money that will speed up the process.

Ways to earn

As evidenced by the strategy of “Lucky bum” reviews, players delighted with the large number of opportunities through which you can earn money. Here you can not only find work but also to open their own business and also get hold of a personal Bank account, which will bring dividends. In addition, this strategy has the opportunity to develop criminal business, although this stage of the game while in development.lucky homeless strategy

How to get a job?

In this strategy, there are many options for where your character can get to work and get a pretty decent salary. And the amount of money earned depends on the size of the rollback that you'll pay in employment. And the higher it is, the more income. Most of the players afraid of this rollback, because of a well-paid position have to pay a round sum. But this is not the biggest challenge in the game, because the rollback you pay only once, after which the work will be continuously available. Much worse is the case with “shelter”, because your character needs to rent a certain location to get a particular job. The rent period – 30 days, so don't forget to pay for “apartment”, because if you lose it, you go and work. Tip: if you want to achieve success in the strategy “Lucky bum" - entering the game must be made daily. The fact that the income is charged to you only in those days when you collect the profit.

Opening a business or Bank account

Reaching some success and having a certain amount, your character can start creating your business. To do this, go to the tab “My business” and view the available options. To become a successful entrepreneur, you not only need to pay a rollback and to have adequate housing, but also to “trust”. And for this you will need to go to the section “Administration” and to pay the bribe to the mayor.lucky bum withdrawals

If you don't want to work or do business, can open a Bank account from which your wallet will go to dividends. There are several options of Deposit opening, each of which has a sum and also interest rate. But note that the profit from the Deposit need to collect every day. So don't forget to visit the game.

Affiliate program

Another good earning opportunity in the game – attracting newmembers. All the income you get from referrals are automatically credited to your account in the game "Lucky bum”. Withdrawals available immediately, but the minimum amount should reach 10 rubles. The percentage of income from referral is 7%, which makes attracting new people quite profitable.

Conclusions about the game “Lucky bum”

The user Reviews of the strategy are largely positive. To date, there have been cases of impossibility of withdrawal, as well as allegations of fraud or deception. The majority of players trust this strategy, although not deny that quickly to earn big money here is quite difficult.

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