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Mobile apps come to the rescue of bored people with nothing better to do in the queue, on the way to work or during a break. Needless to say, you can't include a full game, because I can't carry everywhere your computer or console. And even if they could - you wait download and deal with the other issues longer than directly to play. It is quite logical - a computer game designed to launched and quietly spent a couple of hours, and not included in the train or bus. But what to do in this situation? For this there are special mobile games that can fit on your tablet or smartphone, often have fairly simple and intuitive gameplay, so you do not spend the entire ride figuring out the rules, and is immediately able to take in the game. Another great advantage is the no need to save - you can start and finish the game at any time. One of the standards of mobile game is Alchemy, which gave rise to different clones, and continue in the face of the Doodle God and Doodle Devil. The passing game will take you a lot of time, but this time will be spent with pleasure.

Alchemy and Doodle God

doodle devil walkthrough

As mentioned earlier, it all started with the "Alchemy" is a small game in which you are asked four basic elements. You can combine them to get a new one. In the end the game has grown to several hundred elements, and its popularity was undeniable. In this article, we will discuss some aspects of the project Doodle Devil, which will help you in passing this game. But first you need to understand where did this Doodle Devil walkthrough will have to wait. "Alchemy" will be continued with expansion opportunities - there is a visual component, as well as plot events. At this time you have to be a God to create the Earth. Accordingly, we can already draw some conclusions about Doodle Devil - walkthrough will be the opposite.

Principles of passing Doodle Devil

doodle devil walkthrough

In Doodle Devil walkthrough is not much different from the previous game where you had to take on the role of God. Only now you need to destroy all that he has created, and replace it with your own devilish creations. It is not necessary to expect from the game something incredible - you will need to combine elements to get new ones, which then also can be used. Aim should be to number 200 - about as many items available in the game and to successfully complete it, you need to open them all, it is based on this Doodle Devil walkthrough.

The Devil's color

doodle devil recipes

Of Course, this game wouldn't be popular if it was nothing different from the original project. In Doodle Devil are various plot developments that will affect the successful completion of the project. You will be given quests in which you will need to perform various tasks, to pursue goals of creating specific items. It is recommended to do just quests, because they may contain hints on how to create a particular element, and attach the project narrative painting, which was not the original version. In the case of Doodle Devil passing game became much more fun.

Home recipes

In Doodle Devil the recipes are diverse - you can create up to 200 elements, each of which will be unique. Problems with this should arise, but in this article, you will see a few basic recipes that will help you to understand and to act themselves in the future. For example, combining air and fire, you will get energy, and if you combine fire with the earth will come out of lava. Using this principle, you will be able to solve all the puzzles in the game.

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