How to buy a fan for the computer


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They face the problem of heating of the computer. Even at idle its main elements have a temperature of 50-60OC, and under load the temperature even higher. Traditionally, cooling all the heating elements is made by fans. But not always one staff element is sufficient. To reduce the total temperature in the system unit and extra fan for the computer. Many cases have from two to four places within their setting.

fan for PCTo choose the Right fan for the computer is quite difficult – very much like really good copies and outright fakes or used coolers. There are several criteria that will help you to decide:

  • Pay attention to the material of the body and wings. It should be of medium hardness. Too hard are susceptible to physical impacts, too soft will not be able to operate at temperatures higher than 45OC. If you have found a fan for a computer in aluminum housing, lucky for you, most likely, it is a quality product. Grab and fan for computer
  • If you decide to buy a fan on ball bearings, then note that his weight should be significant. Even small models of 60x60 is always difficult.
  • Inspect the surface of the blades. Good manufacturers they are smooth, almost polished.
  • Check for insights tachometer, thermal control and emergency stop. If not, you cheap low-quality model. Also, check the labelling on the wires, power supply – a good company will always try to describe in detail, on cheap options such labeling, you will not find.
  • When buying be sure to ask to turn the fan on to the computer and hold it in my hands. If the noise level and the vibration is strong, you should look for another.

fan for computer chassisQuite often the question arises, what is the fan for the computer case the better – for rolling bearings or sliding. It depends on the environmental conditions. If the device is used in conditions of high or low humidity, you should choose a bearing – he responds less to this option. With the temperature all the way. If it will be around 50-70OC (such temperature in the housing of a working computer), then it is better to choose bearings – their service life under such conditions is 3-4 times higher. One “but” – they are much more noisy, and it should be a fan for a computer much more expensive. So, you have two options:


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is to purchase another copy of the rolling bearing with a long life, but with a rather high noise level;

- buy a cooling fan for a computer on the bearing, but after six months or a year to change it (start failures).

Which of the options suits you best, and choose. And one more thing: before proceeding to the choice of the fan, carefully read the PC case. Open it and find the space reserved for the installation of additional cooling elements, decide where it will set, define the size of the required model. Good choice!

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