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In the development of many games developers leave loopholes that allow each player to see your final. Not left behind and the creators of The Room Three. The passage leads the player to the final room of the tower, and further only depends on you what kind of ending you will see. Moreover, the developers themselves tell you that all in game 4 of the finals, and give without the use of save "change their fate."
the room three walkthrough

What you need

By the end of the game you should have a few key items. Below is a brief methods for their preparation, however, it is assumed that you very carefully took the game up to this point.

  • First item is the "Key master". You can get it here in the last location. Install the latest pyramid on the pedestal in the center of the room.
  • The Two "Unusual artifact". One of them must be triangular, and the second - rectangular.
  • The"Screwdriver". She needs to wallow in your inventory even with 4 episodes.

As you can see, not too many items though to some it was quite difficult. Each of them will be useful for you to obtain a separate original ending, but if you want to open the latest version of the final, will need all 4 items.


You are now on the final site. The Room Three, the passage which held you through the most intricate mazes, ready to reveal its secrets. How to start a selection.

room three walkthrough endings

Approach the pedestal in the center and use the "master Key". There will be a slight transformation, and the edge will open a small store from where you will take the "Metal ring". It is necessary to apply a little construction immediately. Here is a little puzzle. Using the lever and drive gear turn in the right direction, so they turned in front of metal bars. Click on the brown button near the disk drive and turn on the projector.

Now you need to redirect the beam of light. To do this, turn the pedestal with mirror, located on the outer arc. The result is to turn the cylinder and you will be able to take the "Mirror". It must be installed on a pedestal in the inner circle and to clean the mirror on the outside. Now the beam is redirected to the "Key master".

"Dive" into it. In front of you a simple task. You need to make sure that the crystal in the center beat the rays from all lights. It is very simple. One of the radio buttons block some of the emitters, the other one changes the state of rest.

When you solve the last puzzle The Room Three, the passage will end and you will see a red beam. This will open the door - the door that will vaguely resemble a train compartment from the very beginning of this long adventure.

passage of the game the room three

Second end

In The Room Three walkthrough endings will not take you much time. Alternatively, you can save immediately before going out the door during the first final, because it is repeated over and over again.

To open a second card in the final credits, you will need a rectangular "Unusual artifact". Once you have launched two beams and a door to the compartment of the car, step back a bit from the pedestal and stand facing her. Left and right of you there will be two new pedestal.

Go to the left and place the specified "Unusual artifact". Another simple puzzle. In the inner circle there is a small hole through which periodically slips a ray of light. In fact, it revolves around the crystal in the center. Just catch the pace and start turning the hole so that it for a long time let in a little light, and the device is activated.

Now you can safely go in the door, which changed its form. Passage of game The Room Three completed and you have opened a second Tarot card in the credits.

Third final

Unrolling time ago. By the time you let the red beam. This time go to the left and to the right turret. Only need to place on it a triangular "Unusual artifact".

Here you have to solve another puzzle. It is absolutely identical to the one that you have decided when you activate the "Key master", only rays this time six, not four. When finished with the procedure, you activate the beam and once again change the view.

Here you will see another alternative ending and to open the third card of fate in the credits.

the room three walkthrough alternate endings

Last entry

The Attentive and perceptive reader may have already realized, what will be the last final game The Room Three. The passage clearly alludes to what you needto run all three of the projector. So proceed point by point.

  1. Activate "Key master" in the same way as in the first ending.
  2. Now go and turn on the projector with a triangular artifact.
  3. Then you need to activate the device with a rectangular artifact. However, at this point turns off the first projector.
  4. Walk up to him and inspect. On the reverse side, use a screwdriver and slide the socket that is blocking the beam of light.

Now All possible beams of the projectors illuminate the side door. But it is not there. Instead, there was a strange black hole. Come in and see the latest possible ending of the four. This concludes our article "The Room Three: the passage". Alternate endings are considered in detail and laid out on shelves, and fans of the game is to wait for the continuation.

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