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Microsoft – the most successful and biggest company in the development of IT-technologies. Thanks to scientific research and a truly brilliant knowledge of programming, this company was able to achieve great things, simultaneously drawing in progress the whole world. Each of us knows that these people are, what they can do, and what we get from them. Their development can be attributed to more than one hundred different programs, operating systems, video games, game consoles and more. But as is customary, along with the time should develop and products of their activities, it is not surprising that recently they announced a new operating system Windows 10, which is ready to outshine its past versions are not only new functions, but simply to allow the user to enter a new era of computer technology. This begs the question, how to upgrade to Windows 10. This can be done in several ways, the main thing to remember about all the rules and regulations, which you can find below.

How to upgrade to windows 10

A New step in the development

It's No secret that each new Microsoft product brings with it something new and interesting. And before you answer the question, how to upgrade to Windows 10, is disassembled, is it worth it to do that? If judged superficially, then the answer is positive, because it will allow you to be in trend, and if you look at what the operating system is still very new, and will have to wait until under it will fit everything you need, here is puzzled. But despite this, Windows 10 is still worth attention, and while the history has been of products from Microsoft that disappointed users. Therefore, Microsoft Windows 10, at least worth paying attention to, although it will have to do anyway. Given that there is a new operating system, we can expect a new influx of programs, games and other interesting applications, which minimum requirements will be reduced to Windows 10. So if you aktinii user, and you need to have all the fresh versions of the programs, is already ready to move to a new operating platform.


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Windows 10 free

New level

What could bring this new operating system? What requirements does it have? Is it possible to get Windows 10 for free? Questions may be many, but the fact is that in the first place is to understand this operating system – this is a new development, which was created with all the new technology and which will allow you to be in trend without losing efficiency, and Vice versa, getting new opportunities. Due to active progress, each user can achieve a new level of personal development, getting all the required with Microsoft.

Windows 10 Rus

Varieties of Windows 10

Windows 10 Technical Preview, Full Edition, Classic Edition and much more. Yes, this time the company surprised us different versions of your product, which might get messy, and it is possible, conversely, to obtain a benefit. Each package computer software includes the operating system itself, and a variety of additional programs that will allow you to engage in personal activities or to use the computer for work. Window 10 – this incredible, versatile and universal system in which everyone will be able to realize themselves. Most importantly, understand how to upgrade to Windows 10 and do it as soon as possible, as this operating system will arrive in the release, and there have been at least like to pay, and we need to consider a free option that is also possible.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Free trial

So, we should start with the fact that Microsoft, like other developers around the world, passionate about the product trying to release it without errors and at maximum quality. What you need to do this? You think correctly! You must test the program. In today's world testers get a lot of money and are considered to be expensive service. Therefore, in order not to spend money, Microsoft has decided to offer this service to the public. So everyone who have a computer, you may try yourself in the role of a tester and download the Windows 10 Technical Preview. This package allows you to the standard version of the operating system and test it to the best of their ability. And what is most interesting, your efforts will not go unnoticed. If you actively used the preview version, actively participated in surveys, you are guaranteed to get Windows 10 for free, and this is a very good reward. So don't delay, as applications are considered on an individual basis, and not the fact that you can take.

Windows 10 release date

Russian version

Yes, to obtain a license operating version for free – it is the dream of any user. But the question arises: "Windows 10 Rus, it actually exist?" Will Microsoft support it? After all, Russia is not at the forefront of the priority of this company. Don't worry about this, since Russia, though not in the top ten, but still has its weight in Microsoft. Our market is very attractive, especially given the recent leap in the development of computers in our country. So Windows 10 Rus is sure to be inhighest quality and all offered support, doubt it definitely not necessary. And if will be Russian language, it is an excellent opportunity to acquire this system. Especially worth considering the recent events that have occurred in the policy of Microsoft. The fact that they gradually cease to maintain their old operating systems, and this is a pretty serious warning for all users of licensed copies. So you should be ready for another applications of this global company.

Microsoft Windows 10

Previews operating system

Now we have to answer to one main question. What Windows 10 release date? But more on that later, as it is to understand the version of preview, which probably many have received. So, it is a standard version of the operating system which has almost all the features and support programs. But there is one drawback, you can't install pirated software, it is necessary to use only licensed copies of various software packages. And this is to hit the wallets of users. So you should think carefully about whether to use this preview version. But it is worth considering that our fans hacking are not asleep and will definitely find a way out, so not to worry, but still have to wait a bit. Significant advantage of use of preview is the ability in the future for free to operating version to use.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Planned release date

So what's Windows 10 release date? The wait is quite a bit since July 29, 2015, this operating system will be release and will allow users to upgrade their computers. Will Windows 10 on flash cards and allow you to easily install the operating system without different passwords, however, with the requirement of online activation. As it was decided earlier, this product will come in several variations, there will be seven, they will include versions: business, home solutions for corporations, etc. Everyone will be able to pick out the most suitable copy to further achieve their goals.

How to get for free?

How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free? One way we've already seen enough to be an active participant in the test programs of the operating system. But there is another method, however, is more specific. If you have installed a licensed copy of Windows 7 or 8, then you will be able to update its operating system for free. However, have to note one unpleasant nuance, which is linked to the equipment. That is, if you received the update to Windows 10, after the change of the hard disk, motherboard, CPU or something else, alas, will have to pay for this operating system. But if you don't plan to renew, it is to congratulate you as you can get for free an innovative operating system.

First look

Regarding first impressions, Windows 10 certainly pleased with their style, convenience and constant updates that speed up the operating system, improve it and add new interesting applications. Pleased with business style design, high quality image of the different elements and the ability to use existing programs. Yes, not all programs are integrated under a new operating system, but I am glad that there are not so many. Otherwise, it is worth noting that, over time, be sure all users will gradually switch to the new Windows 10 as we are planning an active support for this program element and developing a huge amount of content that will strictly require the presence of operating system Windows 10. But even at this stage it's pretty interesting, multi-functional, convenient and beautiful system, which is sure to appeal to every user.

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