How to open the console in "Sims 4": step-by-step description, codes and recommendations


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“the Sims 4" is the latest game in the popular series of life simulation in which you can create your own character, build your own house, get a job, to form relationships with other characters and so on. Previous parts were so popular that they still have millions of loyal fans. However, a few years ago came the fourth part, which was improving both in game mechanics and visuals. However, all the parts are interconnected in that the gamer can open the console and enter some cheats which will make the gameplay much more fun. That is why you should learn how to open the console in "Sims 4", as this knowledge will open for you a huge number of new and unique possibilities. Of course, not only to bring up the console. You also need to know some codes that you can use. This will be discussed after you learn how to open the console in "Sims 4".

Opening the console

how to open the console in the Sims 4

Many gamers are accustomed to the fact that console games offer almost always the same. You must press the “~”, after which you can safely write those commands and the cheats you want. However, in the case of this game things are quite different. It is an exception to the General rule, as here, the call to console is very different. How to open console in "Sims 4"? For this you need to use a combination of three keys: Ctrl, Shift and C. When you press sequentially the buttons in front of you and open a line where you can enter commands, which will be discussed further. Now you know how to open the console in "Sims 4". What next? And then you need to know what you can use cheats and how they will affect gameplay.


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Cheats money

the Sims 4 cheats how to open console

Now that you know how to open the console, the codes on "Sims 4" will be your primary focus of attention. First and foremost, you should consider cheats for money, as they are the most popular. The game is often not enough Finance to build your dream home, buy the best car and only eat luxurious dishes. Accordingly, it's time to take matters into their own hands.

The Most important cheat, which was used in the previous parts of the game – this is the motherlode. If you enter, you will get quite a large sum, equal to fifty thousand units of local currency, called simioni. Of course, you can only help yourself a little, and adding a smaller amount if you don't need such a large state. This is done in codes kaching and rosebud, which add ten thousand and one thousand Simeonov respectively. Of course, this is not all cheats for The Sims 4, which will be available to you, so you should look at those cheats that don't involve money.

Other cheats

cheats for the sims

So, in the first place is to talk about how to see all of the cheat codes in "Sims 4". This is done with a simple help command, which you need to type in the open console. The window displays a list of commands that you can use. Quite a lot of them, but if we talk about the most interesting, then you should pay attention to cheats Death.toggle and FreeRealEstate. The first code makes your character immortal so he cannot die under any circumstances. As for the second Chita, it will allow you to make all the houses in the game is free, so you can select the property that you like best, not paying attention to its cost. Well, you now know how to enter cheat codes in The Sims 4, but there is another interesting team that you'll appreciate.

Developer Mode

the Sims 4 cheat codes

If you have knowledge about where to enter codes, "Sims 4" become much more fun since you have much more possibilities. It would seem, what more could you want? But the developers suggest you also go into a special mode that can expand the already incredible opportunities. For this you need to use testingcheats. When you activate it, you go into developer mode, which has much more additional features than usual. It's time to figure out what you will be available. In contrast to codes, developer mode does not give you the specific command. It is designed to expand the possibilities of interaction with characters, objects and other elements in the game. So you should definitely try out this mode, it can bring you a lot of pleasure.

The actions of SIM

 the sims 4 how to enter cheat codes

So the first thing you need to remember – is that you can now hold down the Shift key and click on a character or object to obtain additional interactions with him. For example, if you run this SIM, that is one of the playable characters, then you will have some new actions, such as “overload”, “add family" or even “disable needs”, so your SIM will now be ablewithout food, water, hygiene, and so on. This greatly facilitates the gameplay, as in reality you need to take care that your character had lunch, washed up, rested, or he will be unhappy and this will entail other unpleasant consequences, such as reluctance to go to work. Of course, this problem you can solve using the above codes on the money, but still unhappy she is able to spoil the mood of any gamer.

Feature Action

the Sims 4 where to enter codes

Naturally, thus pushing you can not only characters, but also the various objects in the game. In this case the opportunity is not so much, but they can be useful. For example, you can use a new feature called "make clean" to wash a particular item in your home, not wasting time. Also for objects there is a team of “overload”, as in the case of characters.

The land

In this article does not describe completely all the features that you get in developer mode, but even that already described, enough to get from the game much more fun. And if you still know that clicking similarly on any point on earth you will get the option “teleport here” that allows you to quickly and effectively move around the map, you'll eventually realize how useful is this mode.

Of Course, you need to realize that cheat codes – it is a Scam, so if you want to participate in the rankings of players, you shouldn't use them. But if you're just having fun offline, you can use the cheat, because they have not been added to game pirates. They were used to test and debug your games before releasing it on sale, and then left there by developers as a small surprise to the players. So, if you want to use cheats, nobody will forbid it to do.

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