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GTA – the legendary series of the crime Thriller, which originates in the era of 2D games. Last, the fifth part was released in 2012 and it still remains relevant in its online version. The name of the game series stands for Grand Theft Auto, which we will discuss next.

How to translate "GTA"?

GTA may be the most famous acronym in the environment of computer games. It is associated with fond memories as the old players, and young. The name is directly related to the original theme of the game.

The First part of the series, which was created in 2D graphics, was a full-fledged simulation of automotive theft. It those days, many learned how to translate the GTA. Literally decipher the name of Grand Theft Auto can be as ‘Big Car Theft” or “Grand theft auto”. Based on these formulations, we can conclude that the whole story and gameplay of the series is built on car chases, cars and so on.

GTA how to translate

Things were a bit wrong. The first part, due to the fact time is really focused on missions, stealing cars and similar tasks. The third part of the series has completely passed to a new level. Together with the 3D engine appeared more elaborate plot and a variety of tasks. Now the hero is not only engaged in theft on the orders of superiors, in order to ingratiate himself to the gang, but also performs third-party, and sometimes special assignments.

The Formation of the genre

To Vice City and San Andreas game Grand Theft Auto has completely found his face. Of action with simple quests and an open world series has turned into a real Thriller with a nuanced and charismatic characters, cut-scenes and interesting missions and development of the main character. The gameplay no longer revolves around cars and their theft, but in the title it was decided to leave the treasured abbreviation, since it is this logo series became a blockbuster around the world.


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But if the plot and characters away from the usual theft auto, the gameplay in free time from missions, remains GTA-shnym: the main characters are constantly stealing other people's cars, throw the drivers, arrange the accident and chase. This is an integral part of the gameplay of GTA. How to translate the name of the series, and there is leisure time in the game. That's what makes Grand Theft Auto fun and addictive sandbox.

grand theft auto

Modern part

In GTA 4 and 5 the emphasis is on plot and entertainment. However, the essence of the gameplay with driving and joyriding has not changed for more than 20 years. On this rests the “magic” game series. Now you know how to translate the GTA and why did you choose this name for the legendary game.

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