What is tunnel adapter Teredo Microsoft: why you need it, how it works and how to disable it?


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The Seventh version of Windows since its release gave users a lot of surprises. So many have found in the system (more precisely, in “device Manager”) driver tunnel adapter Teredo from Microsoft. What it is clearly not for everyone. So you should focus on what it is and how it works. We will also issues related to how appropriate its use in computers in the former Soviet Union.

What is tunnel adapter of Microsoft Teredo?

Let's Start with the understanding of the term. Do not confuse VPN technologies that involve the use of tunneling with data encryption and change of IP the starting point in the form of a computer terminal or mobile device attempting access to a particular site, with the functioning of the Teredo.

what is a tunnel adapter teredo microsoft

To understand what is tunnel adapter of Microsoft Teredo, it is necessary to tie together all protocols used for Internet access. At the moment, Windows systems offer only two options: IPv4 and IPv6. The sixth version in the post-Soviet space is not being used (with a few exceptions, because not all ISPs and mobile operators have at their disposal a DHCPv6 server).

A driver tunneling adapter Microsoft Teredo installed in recent versions of Windows, works as a Converter. But drive what and in what? Next, see how it all works, and draw conclusions about how to use this device or not.


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How does tunnel adapter Teredo?

Western countries have gone ahead of us (this is not surprising). Many operators and providers of services to access the Internet, unlike our refused to use IPv4, which is not only obsolete, but also can not handle all the currently available IP addresses, and prefer its sixth version.

In this regard, Microsoft is ahead of all. However, as it turned out, while using the proper connection of the sixth and the fourth version of TCP/IP between incompatible. Patching holes, Microsoft first released the update, but it came to no avail. In the end, and there was a virtual adapter, which supposedly is able to convert from IPv6 to IPv4. But just that developers are not limited to and included in support of the protocols UDP.

Problems with the adapter and simplest ways to address them

What is tunnel adapter Teredo Microsoft as a virtual appliance, I think, a little clearer. Now consider some questions related to ongoing problems.

This is a virtual device (I don't know for what reasons) can cause a lot of mistakes (though some of them directly to the adapter no relationship).

tunnel adapter teredo

If this problem occurred in “device Manager” the adapter is defined, but is marked with a yellow marker easier to upgrade or reinstall the driver. Refer to third-party resources makes no sense, because this device is a development of Microsoft and Windows even when you delete a device from the system when you reboot, whether you like it or not, still will install new drivers from its database. If there is an active Internet connection, it is to be welcomed.

tunnel adapter teredo microsoft driver

On the other hand, if you are not using the adapter, it is possible to establish a ban on connection with his involvement through the command line as shown above. These teams will inactivate not only the adapter itself, but everything associated with it (no wonder the whole package is called a Pseudo Interface). Noticed? Is “pseudo”! The real state of Affairs is irrelevant.

How it is advisable to use Teredo?

If you go to a Windows system that contains such a tool from a practical point of view, his presence in the operating system versions that are designed for use in the former USSR, it is not justified.

driver tunnel adapter

Well, yeah, maybe in a couple years we will get there. But then what? These same experts will release their seventh or eighth version of the Protocol, which after the sixth will not be supported, although it predict a few dozen years.

Instead of result

That's all, as for the question about what is tunnel adapter of Microsoft Teredo. As a result, it is worth noting that there was not considered specialized terms, and deployment of such technologies in computer systems, and this is only a General idea of what it is and how it works. Of course, it is actually much more complicated, but to delve into the theory of the simplicity of practical use, in principle, do not even need.

To disable would be well advised to refer to the services or the system registry, but for the average user who is not familiar with the intricacies to perform these actions, it will be enough, that is. Although… Even if you find a Teredo in the registry and delete any keys, the system still restore them when you restart. To completely remove this driver and the device itself can use the software Uninstallers like iObit Uninstaller, which deinstallirovat even your own applets, the Windows-systems which conventional methods cannot be deleted.


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