What you can do with clay in Minecraft and where to find it


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If you decide to play "Minecraft", then you are unlikely to be surprised by the fact that an impressive amount of time you have to spend on the construction. In this game you can always find what to build - the main thing that you had, of what it is doing. Building materials here are very diverse, some of them differ in properties, others have only external differences, but you will still have enough options to create a full-fledged masterpieces. On some items you should pay special attention, as they will need you much more than others. For example, the clay needed for the creation of most of the buildings. But how to use it? What you can do with clay in Minecraft?

Search clay

what can you do with clay in minecraft

Of Course, everyone wants to go directly to the build process, but it is not so simple. Before you learn what you can do with clay in Minecraft, you will need to find her. But do not be afraid - it will not take you a very long time. The fact that the clay can be found almost everywhere - it is a very common material. The main thing that beside you was water, if she is, and clay. The bottom of the ponds are often lined with different materials, most of it is sand. But it can also be of clay, you need to get. To distinguish this material from others is quite simple - if the sand is yellow and has a certain texture, the clay has a gray color, moreover, it is completely smooth. So when you go into the pond, make a note of these settings attention, and you will immediately find the desired material. When you can get it, you will have the chance to find out what you can make out of clay in "Minecraft".


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How to get clay?

baked clay in minecraft

Many players find deposits of clay, can't go any further. And it's not that they don't know what to make out of clay in "Minecraft" up to this stage they have not yet arrived. They do not even know how to extract the clay from the natural environment. The problem is easily solved - since clay is a natural material, you have to earn it like all the other materials. Arm working tool and start mining, you can do it even hands, only here a question arises about how fast you finish. Each tool has its own rate of production, the actions of the hands are the slowest. Optimal tool for the extraction of clay is a shovel, so it is best to bring it up. When you start to dig from clay blocks will drop materials that you need to collect. Now you know how to get clay in Minecraft, so you can move on to the most important to its use.

Creating bricks out of clay

how to get clay in minecraft

You have passed two stages that have led you to the ending - you just have to know what you can do with clay. You already know where to get clay in Minecraft, how to do it and what tools to use. Now is the time to turn raw material into a finished product. In Minecraft the main purpose of the clay is the creation of bricks. This is done by thermal processing. You will need the actual clay oven in which you burn, and coal, which will act as fuel for the furnace. From one piece of clay to make one brick, so you have to try to create enough building materials. Of the four bricks of the brick unit is formed, which can already be used in construction. Exactly baked clay in Minecraft and become the most popular building material.

Structure of clay

where to get clay in minecraft

But you are not forced to burn the clay and make it into bricks. You may as well use it for other purposes. For example, you can turn it back into a clay block, which can also be use in the construction process - it's just that he will have a different color that is more suitable than bricks. For this you will need four pieces of clay that you need to connect together. This can be done on the workbench, and inventory. In the end, you will receive one piece unit, ready-to-use. This process cannot be called a disadvantage, as in most of the cases. Most of the natural unit falls less material than is required for its reconstruction. In the case of clay all the way - from natural falls block of four units, and so much needs to be crafted it back.

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