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Team Liquid – this is a major eSports organization created in 2000. She appeared in the Netherlands, but now it includes representatives of many countries, not only from Europe. The Dota 2 team appeared 2012 any results not shown were mostly on a small competition. But the last Team Liquid Dota 2 team was able to win at The International in 2017. This tournament had the biggest prize money in the history of eSports.

The Appearance on the professional stage

Its history the team began in 2012. At that time, the composition of the Team Liquid Dota 2 was completely different. After unsuccessful performances, the organization decided to terminate the contract with the team and refuse to participate in the new discipline.

team liquid dota 2 squad 2016

But growing prize money has made them change their decision. In 2015, the organization signed its name all team 5Jungz. Captain it was already known around the gaming community captain KuroKy. He still occupies this post, showing themselves constantly with the best hand.

Road to success

After creating the new team began the first speech. And everything went so smoothly. The first failure was losing the qualifications for participation in the Frankfurt Major.

The New composition of the Team Liquid Dota 2 was not able to participate in competitions of a new format, which also had great prizes.

But, despite this, the team has performed at all subsequent such events. They could become the favorites in subsequent qualifiers to take second place in Shanghai and Manila Major Major. This gave the new Team Liquid Dota 2 loyal fans and glory. They began to learn and maintain. Fans often in the game put an avatar to the team logo and organized fan groups.


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But the organization was dissatisfied with these results. Managers did not want on the team always thought about the silver medalists. And was taken once again to make a small reshuffle of the players. The composition of the Team Liquid Dota 2 in 2016, were invited to the player Bulba. But no positive results to no avail. Moreover, the team began to play worse. In the ranks of fans began to dazzle comments that the players are not suited to each other.

team liquid dota 2 squad 2017

Again, the organization has gone on the amendment. Completely transforming the team and listening to the wishes of the captain, the composition of the Team Liquid Dota 2 for 2017 is that they were able to win the title in the main event of the year – The International.

The team was invited to GH. Thanks to him and the captain KuroKy in the team kept good discipline and high morale. These two men had extensive experience in eSports behind and played in many bands. This fact and knowledge of different styles and tactics of opponents they were able to achieve this goal.

Team Liquid Dota 2 is now the most popular. He was able to outshine his performance even shared favorites – team OG.

team liquid dota 2 squad

After this victory the players of other professional players there was a rumor that Team Liquid almost no training. Everyone started to think about what it would be nice to beat them in the next tournament. But the guys were not so simple. Despite the lack of constant and hard training and the release of Dota 2, which has greatly changed the balance, they were unable to defend their title in the StarLadder tournament.

No one still knows the secret of the team, but to win according to them it became much easier. Maybe it's all in the attitude and atmosphere within the team, and not the number of hours spent in training.

The composition of the Team Liquid Dota 2, 2017

Match history shows that not always the business of the organization went well. The best results shows the last part of Dota 2. Despite previous failures, the managers decided not to change and give the guys together and build a good relationship within the team. The actual composition of the team Liquid Dota 2 for 2017.

  1. Captain playing the support heroes fifth place – Business.
  2. Player support fourth position – GH.
  3. Player sophisticated lines, occupying the third position-MinD_ContRoL.
  4. The Player of the middle line, occupying the second position – a Miracle.
  5. Player bottom line, occupying the first position – MATUMBAMAN.

It is the specified team managed to become world champion. They are long and hard to achieve this title. The organization also reported that changes in staff is not planned, and all fans will be able to continue to enjoy a great game of your favorite team.

Security title

Someone hopes on the demise of the popularity of team Liquid, assuming that the game updates, everything changed. But the events of recent days show that just because they won't give up. In the last tournament Dota Pit League Champions have gone through all the clashes, not losing a single map.

team team liquid dota 2 2017

But in the final the score was 2:0 in their favor. The fans thought it was the end, but all of a sudden the guys came together and won three consecutive cards. With this victory, they once again proved that she earned the title of Champions for a reason, and give it to anyone not going.

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