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Without the English language it is difficult to imagine the communication and the friendship of people from different countries. Everyone would like to understand and share that person with other traditions and life. Going abroad, want to experience another country and feel how others live nation. Probably, knowledge of English is necessary in work or other activities. You need to know not so much, just to understand and get pleasure from conversation with English-speaking foreigners. There are special schools, where they teach people the basics and rules of the language. They are all different, and each has its own approach. There is a wide choice of schools and courses, but there is an easier way to combine it all and to gain knowledge about the language.

What is a school "Skillset"?

What is Skillset?

Popular in Russia and abroad Skillset - English language school, reviews, training people in the Central Russian cities and 25 cities outside of the country. The curriculum of this school was developed by American specialists. Here to help and learn a lot: to raise the level from scratch to communicate freely, to understand the English language, improve skills in reading and writing, correctly pronounce and use the words in conversation and more.

The benefits of school Skillset

Plus training

In the study of language is important not only the quality and benefit, but also a pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, convenience in time and other important details. This is one of the main advantages of English language schools:

• flexible schedule;

• specialists, curator - professionals;

• available: unlimited subscription/courses/lessons;

• selection of educational program;

• convenient location;

• nice price and high quality.

Freedom in time

Not everyone can find the time for the desired study if you find, after not be able to regularly visit your desired class, but the school planned and developed for people involved and hard working. For reviews, Skillset - English language school, very convenient in that it has a free schedule of visits; admission to the school you are dealing with a specialist and attend classes whenever you find free time (morning, afternoon or evening).


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The Main, and very important, as noted by the visitors that it is flexible. The greatest number of adults students, people who need to work and go about their business. The schedule allows them to in his free time, knowledge and a lot of pleasure from attending classes.

Professionals and recruitment programs for employment

highly Qualified teachers and staff

During the consultation is acquainted with the rules and training opportunities. One of them is the assessment of student knowledge. So training was not too difficult or easy, initially determined by the level of knowledge and a curator of the selected program of study. Specialists and curators will guide and assist in the training, monitor the progress and difficulties will follow throughout the class.

A Very big plus is, as they say in the reviews about Skillset (English school in St. Petersburg), teaching staff. It is noted the warm atmosphere, friendly relationship between students and teacher. It's an important detail, because the understanding and support - the key to success in learning. Yet there is a diversity of approach of teachers. If you visit at a convenient time classes, it is possible to notice the change of supervisors that the team of teachers a great and they are all experienced people who love their work.

Unlimited subscription

Another convenience is that there is a unlimited subscription for attendance. You will attend English lessons as much as necessary and anywhere. It is very convenient and beneficial for working in the field of business or are very busy people. But you can also choose between a course and pass a single class.

Students speak positively about the courses and fees. If you want to pass a certain course and gain knowledge in their chosen field, the acquisition of the required course will help all to put together and to study the maximum depth of the topic.

The Lessons of one are not mentioned in the reviews on websites of branches. It is not very profitable and effective method of learning.

Benefit and convenience

Reviews of English language school Skillset, Kolpino many choose unlimited subscription and be happy with your choice. If the training will be long and serious, then you should buy it. This can save you money and give you the opportunity to learn as much as your heart desires.

Location is also important

Most of the branches, as reported by staff and students in opinions about Skillset, English language school in Russia is located in the Central areas of cities. It is very convenient for students that do not need to go far, you can easily find a school.

It is Important that the school for learning the English language is in a crowded and convenient location. A large number of students in the reviews about the Skillset schools of English, praised for its accessible location. Actually this is very important because not everyone can spend on the road for an hour and a half. Easily accessible location attracts many people and gives them the opportunity to save time and effort. Many people live there, and this very impressed with them many comfortable to ride in the centre of the city, some coming home through the center and it allows you to attend your course or classes.

Reasonable prices and high quality education

Unfortunately, none at this time comments and feedback from staff about the school Skillset of the English language.

Profit and quality

But the students say another plus is the reasonable prices and the opportunity to learn from professionals, from people who love their work and want to share their skills with others. As visitors write English language schools is large and very nice, plus, if the student and supervisor have a mutual desire to share and to receive.

A Lot of interesting reviews about the school of English Skillset on Leninsky Prospekt on the quality and speed of learning. Professionalism of teachers affect the speed of developing and studying the language. Many write that for several years she studied English and even forgot it, but newly emerged circumstances force to restore the experience and knowledge of the language. Then the students came to school for a few months get a noticeable result.

Moreover, you can not only remember everything in the learning process, but also to many new and useful information, which appeared for the last time. In-school training is continually updated and topics, training programs, information is always current.

The Majority of visitors of the school of English language Skillset in the reviews evaluated as excellent and the quality of teaching and reasonable prices for the course.


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