The heroes of the Kulikovo battle: Rodion Oslabya


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St. Adrian in the world - Rodion Oslabya. One of the famous historical characters of Ancient Russia, the hero of the famous battle with mamayskogo army during the battle of Kulikovo. His name is immortalized not only by the Orthodox Church and modern culture - in the name of Rodion Oslabya named boat of the Volga river flotilla.Rodion Oslabya

Rodion Oslabya: biography...

Rodion was a native of the Bryansk region. Presumably born in the city of Lyubutskii. Descended from an ancient boyar family and had a close relationship with another hero of the battle on the field of Kulikovo Alexander Peresvet. It is believed that they were brothers. The degree of relationship specified as blood. But perhaps they were cousins. Before the tonsure Rodion, like his brother, served in the army of princes, he participated in the battles against Lithuania. However, assuming that failure in battle with the Lithuanians and brought the brothers decide to retire from worldly life. They took monastic vows and went to the Trinity-Sergiev monastery.

By Studying the appearance of Rodion Oslabya, we find out that it was a middle-aged man with the "brown mustache and luxuriant beard". In addition, some sources mention the presence of his son Jacob, deceased alleged father during the Kulikovo battle. And Peresvet, and Oslyabya were not only very strong men and experienced soldiers, including the management of the army. Sometimes they are even called generals.

The Hero of the battle of Kulikovo

Together with brother Alexander Relight Rodion Oslabya was sent Sergius of Radonezh at the righteous battle with the hordes of the Tartar Khan Mamai, who usurped power in the Western part of the split of the Golden Horde. Unrecognized ruler who was not a descendant of Genghis Khan Mamai decided with the help of martial victories to consolidate his power among the Horde of warriors.Rodion Oslabya biography


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Before heading to the Prince's army Sergius of Radonezh instead of armor put on by his monks robe with embroidered crosses as a sign of God's protection - the Great schema. In it, wearing monastic dress, and they went out to fight. Sergius of Radonezh blessed the Peresvet and Oslabya before going to the wonderworking icon of the Theotokos of Tikhvin.

After the famous duel of Alexander Peresvet and Chelubey, and the death of their two armies met on the field of Kulikovo in the heat of the battle. In the forefront the minute they fought valiantly Rodion Oslabya. His contribution in battle is largely predetermined result.Alexander Peresvet and Rodion Oslabya

One of the existing versions, Rodion Oslabya was killed in battle with the Horde on the Kulikovo field, and on the other - returned to his monastery and continued service.

Biography after...

After the victory over the army of Mamai and the loss of his brother Rodion Oslyabya went back to the Trinity-Sergius monastery. However, after the accession of the son of Dmitry Donskoy, Vasily I was sent to the Byzantine Emperor with the Embassy, which had a charitable mission - the delivery of assistance to affected troops of the Turkish Sultan Bayazid of Constantinople. He returned to Moscow with the icon of the Saviour as a thank you gift to the Prince of Moscow from the Byzantine Emperor. Perhaps for his services Rodion Oslabya were awarded plots of land in the Kolomna district, where a village was established Elevatable mentioned in the possession purchased by the wife of Vasily I Evdokia Dmitrievna.

Rodion Oslabya - monk-warrior - after death was buried in the Simonov monastery in Moscow.

Was there a prize?

In the eighteenth century the virgin-the Nativity Cathedral of the monastery began to dismantle the bell tower. It is suggested that in the course of these works was discovered a brick tomb, the floor of which was covered with nameless tombstones, after removal of which the builders found the sarcophagus of Alexander Peresvet and Rodion Oslabya.

With time on them was set tombstones. They were destroyed twice: in 1794, and 1928. And only in 1989 was created for the third time now at the initiative of the artist P. Korin. Above the burial place of the heroes of the battle of Kulikovo was a wooden headstone, just copy the first cast-iron option. To the alleged tomb is open access to everyone. However, it is still unknown whether in fact the remains of Peresvet and Oslabya. But near the graves include precious lamps, made on money of the Navy Department of Imperial Russia.Rodion Oslyabya, a monk warrior

Your Name...

In the middle of the XIX century in the Russian fleet included the ships named for heroes of the monks of Kulikovo battle - "Peresvet" and the "Oslabya". The latter was steam 45-gun frigate, built on one of the Baltic shipyards in 1860 and were in combat service until 1874. During the civil war, when the United fleet of the southerners and the British exerted strong pressure on the northerners, Abraham Lincoln appealed to the Russian Emperor Alexander II. 24 September 1863 the squadron under the command of rear Admiral S. S. Lesovsky participated in the rescue of new York. In 1864, the "Oslyabya" took part in the campaign in the Mediterranean sea.

In 1901 the stocks of the Baltic shipyard went new screw ship "Oslyabya". He fought in the battle of Tsushima during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905, not to demean the honor of the name that was called. In the battle he led the left column of military squadron, was holed and sank. With the ship dead and 514 crew of 899.ship Rodion Oslabya

"Rodion Oslyabya" is again in the ranks

In 2005, by order of the Commander of the Navy of Russia is one of the multi-decked amphibious assault ships of the Pacific fleet, intended for transportation and landing of military equipment, was named "Oslabya".

From February to may 2017 ship "Rodion Oslyabya" was undergoing routine repairs at the docks: he was brought into operation all engines, repaired pumps and piping, winterholiday complex, produced a complete sandblasting of the old partitions and painting of new and renovated housing. It has been and modernization of the ship: a converted hydraulic system of hatches, superstructure with decks. Technical guidance was conducted around the clock.


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