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International languages are means of communication of a large group of people living on the planet. In this case we can speak about the global value of this means of communication. Ethnic ways of transmitting information and languages for international communication (their number varies from seven to ten) have very blurred boundaries. In XVII-XVIII century, an attempt was made to create an artificial universal letter - pasigraphy. In our time similar to international language is an artificial method of communication - Esperanto. international languages


In Antiquity, common to all peoples language was Greek. It took more than a thousand years, and in some regions and parts of the world (Mediterranean, Catholic Europe) the means of communication between people has changed. The Latin language became the most important method for the transmission of information in various fields of human communication. It was negotiated, written a memoir, was bargains. Central and West Asia for several centuries spoke a Turkic language, which subsequently pushed the Arab. With the latest in the Muslim world to resolve important questions.

In East Asia has long been common their means of communication - Wenyan. In the XVI-XVII century the international language in Europe is Spanish, in the beginning of the XVIII French. In the nineteenth century not the least is Germany distinguished with the highest achievements of its scientists of the period. As a result, the German language becomes international. At the same time colonies of Britain and Spain, occupy half the world. The language of these countries is becoming common for many people. By the end of the twentieth century, widespread English language. The international language as a way of communication, therefore, began to include the language of several countries. Russian language international language


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It is Difficult to say what the international language today. The volatility status of this method of communication of representatives of different countries lies in the acquisition and loss combinations of geographic, demographic, cultural and economic indicators. Some States bordering each other closely enough to interact. For example, along with Chinese and German, Russian language - an international language. Some small States located in different continents, have been involved at one time in the process of colonization. languages In the periods the means of communication was Spanish, Portuguese and English. The state ceased to interact with each other, lost colony. Accordingly, there is no need for communication of different peoples. Ceased to be an international means of communication of Latin and Greek languages, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Turkish become established in the short term. In the early twentieth century, the influence of popular at the time Germany was prevalent even in Poland, Slovakia, Galicia. But now the German language has ceased to perform the role of the international.

I Should say that, for example, Spanish vocabulary shows stability in this regard. Since the beginning of the XXI century, it is strengthening its position. Thus, Spanish is considered international for more than five centuries. Over time China is consolidating its international position. As a result, the language of this country becoming the largest number of native speakers worldwide. international English language


There are some indicators that characterize international languages:

1. A large group of people can consider them family.
2. A significant part of the population for which they are not native, owns them as foreign.
3. Different organizations use international languages in the official conferences and seminars.
4. With their help, communicate with people from different countries and continents, in various cultural circles.

Russian language

Regardless of state and official, it is widely spoken outside Russia. Being the most popular and one of the richest, Russian rightfully occupies a leading place among the world languages. If to speak about application in foreign policy, it is very diverse. Russian, being the language of science, is considered the best means of communication of scientists from different countries. Most of the world the information necessary to mankind, is published using Russian vocabulary. Russian language is widespread in global communications (broadcasts, air - and space communications). the international language


Domestic vocabulary facilitates the transfer of knowledge and acts as intermediary in communication of representatives of different countries. Like other international languages, it makes a great contribution to the realization of social functions. Russian vocabulary plays an important role in the enlightenment. It is training not only in Russia but also in other developed countries. Schools and Universities of different countries choose Russian language to learn. From a legal point of view, he is recognized as a working language.


Russian language study students 1,700 universities in ninety countries, as well as students from different schools. About half a billion people speak it to varying degrees. Russian language is the fifth place in terms of prevalence (the number of those who use it in speech). People of many social classes living in different corners of our planet, know him and are native speakers. In the Russian language created a literary and musical works of world significance.


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