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In Samara, at the moment there are about 35 schools where you can get a higher education. One of them — the Samara state technical University (abbreviation — SSTU). This University is quite a rich history. Over the years of its existence it achieved a great deal. Currently, Samara state technical University is one of the best educational institutions. This is confirmed by rating class D.

Educational institutions

Samara state technical University has more than 100 years. It was founded in 1914. During its existence the University has changed some names. In the beginning it was called Samara Polytechnic Institute. In 1934 saw the merger of several educational institutions. The result was the educated middle Volga industrial Institute.

The Next important event in the history of the University occurred in 1935. The school was given a new name — Kuibyshev industrial Institute. Valerian Vladimirovich Kuibyshev. In 1962, there was a reorganization. Educational activities have continued to Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute (CPTI).

In 1991, the University changed its name again. The CPTI was Samara Polytechnic Institute. Through the school year he was granted the status of Samara state technical University. Currently, Samara state technical University continues its work. In 2014, he was included in the list of the best universities of the CIS.

Samara state technical University

University Structure

Samara state technical University includes:

  • Faculties and departments;
  • Administrative units;
  • Scientific-research part;
  • Division of social and educational spheres;
  • Unit of service;
  • Administrative-economic units;
  • Affiliates;
  • Social organization.

At the head University and its branches has about 18 thousand students. Among them are many foreign nationals. For students of higher educational institutions discipline is taught by teachers with rich experience, doctors and candidates of Sciences. Training is performed in 18 areas, a huge number of specialties.


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Faculties and specialties

At the technical University has 13 faculties:

  • Electrical; and
  • Food production;
  • Humanitarian;
  • Power system;
  • Chemical technology;
  • Automation and information technologies;
  • Distance learning;
  • Department of oil technology;
  • Transport, metallurgy and engineering;
  • Engineering and technology;
  • Economic-engineering;
  • Training;
  • Additional education and training using distance technologies.

At each of these faculties has several areas of training. As example, the faculty of automation and information technologies. It Samara state technical University, the speciality offers the following:

  • Radio;
  • Applied computer science;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Computer science and Informatics;
  • Software engineering, etc.

Samara state technical University

Entering the Samgtu: rules of admission

Each of the company at a higher education institution starts at the end of June. Applicants who have chosen Samara state technical University (Samgtu), within the deadline provide:

  • Application;
  • Passport
  • The document confirming education of a corresponding level;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Photos;
  • Additional documents (for persons applying for benefits).

The University for each direction of training certain entrance examinations. As a result recognized the points received on the exam. Persons who had not passed the unified state examination in the required subjects, pass those entrance tests carried out by educational institution independently.

Samara state technical University address

Minimum score

Samara state technical University every year, sets minimum scores for each of the disciplines. In 2017, the selection Committee will be guided by the following values:

  • 40 points on each of such subjects as Russian language, chemistry, physics;
  • 30 points in mathematics;
  • 45 points in social studies;
  • 35 points for each of such subjects as history, literature.

To enroll in such areas as “Design”, “Architecture”, “Customs business" applicants must pass not only some of the above mentioned disciplines, but also more creative, professional testing. In 2017, the passage will be considered successful if for each of the subjects will be recruited the following number of points (the minimum):

  • “Design” — 60;
  • “Architecture” — 60;
  • "Customs business” — 31.

Admission to the budget places

At the technical University in some areas it is possible to study not only commercially, but free. In this regard, many students interested in a passing grade on the budget. Unfortunately, admissions officers never call an accurate figure because it depends on the number of allocated seats for free education, the number of applications and documents, the results of entrance examinations of entrants.

One thing we can say with confidence — the probability of admission to the budget places high in those people who scored a decent number of points. It should be noted that the Samara state technical University allows applicants to maximize your chances of free training. Applicants can apply by 3 in the selected direction.

Bulletin of the Samara state technical University

Training on a commercial basis

Samara state technical University (Samara) offers its students a huge number of training areas where training is carried out on a paid basis (commercial form). The cost annually approved by the order of the institution. Her (for the selected training areas) it is recommended to check with the admissions office.

In different professions value different. For example, in the direction of the “computer engineering and Informatics" (faculty of information technologies and automation), it was 42100 rubles per semester (for students I enrolled in 2016). Much lower the cost was in the direction of the “Service” (faculty of education) — 37100 rubles.

Contributions to the budget

Students studying on a paid basis, there may be a possibility of transition from a commercial shape on a budget. This happens when the appearance of free free locations. To persons applying for such a transition, must meet certain requirements. First, the students at the time of application should not be a debts on payment of tuition, unsatisfactory results of interim attestation in the subjects. Second, there has to be any of the following conditions:

  • Loss for the period of study in the University one or both parents (legal representatives);
  • Grades for exams (for the previous 2 semesters) only “4”, “5” (without “3”);
  • The students are orphans and children left without parental care;
  • Students apply to those citizens (20 years old) who have one parent-the invalid of I group; the income of 1 person in a family below the subsistence level.

To move on to a new free place to submit an application. In this process the state technical University is given a certain period of time. Then on a particular day is appointed by a meeting of the Commission. She reviews all applications and makes decisions (about the implementation of transition specific student with tuition fees for free or refusal).

Samara state technical University, specialty

Military Department

Entrants in the Samara state technical University, the faculties are choosing a variety. Some pay attention to the military Department. It provides training in the training programmes of ordinary stock, sergeants, officers. To enter military Department may students of Samgtu. Are willing rating control in the schools. Then they take the recommendation of the deans of the faculties of the state technical University are sent to the military Department.

Next, the students will:

  • Go through the military medical Commission at the military Commissariat;
  • To pass a special test assesses the psychological state;
  • Pass the physical tests;
  • To conclude the study agreement with the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation;
  • To provide the required documentation (record book, passport)...

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