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According to the legal dictionary, Charter – this document or set of legal documents that Express the rights requirements to social strata. The first copies of these papers appeared in the middle ages.

How did the Magna Carta?

For hundreds of years before American colonists began to fight against the British crown, the English nobility made a number of laws in order to limit the power of tyrannical monk – king John Lackland. Magna Carta, or Great Charter of liberties, signed in 1215, was originally provided rights to members of the elite. Later on its basis there have been many laws in various parts of the world, which guarantees fundamental constitutional rights. The Magna Carta is historically proven, put an end to the tyranny of the government, which since its signing were imposed certain obligations before the law.this Charter

King John's facing difficult relations with Pope innocent III, who was a controversial figure and wanted to possess the highest authority among the European monarchs. After the appointment of Stephen Langton to the position of Archbishop of Canterbury in 1207 king John Lackland was the first monarch who was excommunicated from the Church. In response, the Governor began to set the taxes for the clergy and to take away Church land. Even less popular monarch was the barons that he was subjected to more severe taxation in order to compensate for its military defeat. In 1214 king John tried to conquer France, and after unsuccessful attempts was obliged to know English to pay for spending on war what caused the rebellion in 1215.


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Baron's article

To put an end to the excesses of the king, Langton and a group of rebellious barons has jointly created a “Baronial articles», which later became Magna Carta. Fearing that the revolt turns into a civil war, John was forced to agree, which he did on 15 June 1215, Magna making the map of the first written European Constitution. However, a few weeks later, Pope innocent III, who had already established relations with John, annulled the Great Charter. This renewed hostility between the monarchy and the barons, but after the king's death, the legitimacy of the first Constitution was resumed.European Charter for it

It was the Magna Carta a few years later inspired the American colonists to the proclamation of independence from Britain, and about one third of the laws of the bill of rights was taken from the Charter. There are only 4 original copies of the Magna Carta that are found in the Salisbury Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral and the British Museum.

European Charter

This is a number of international treaties, which were adopted by the Council of Europe to ensure people's social rights and freedoms, as it is a logical continuation and addition to the Convention for the protection of human rights.

The European Charter was signed in 1961, though, because it came only four years later, in 1965. Several decades later, the contents of the document have made a number of additions and changes.

The rules defined in the European Charter, it is obligatory from a legal point of view, should be implemented in the social policy of all the signatory States. These countries must ensure its citizens and people under the jurisdiction of the relevant rights and freedoms.Magna Carta

However, a signatory of the European Charter, are not required to monitor the implementation of all provisions of the documents. They can selectively define the rights and freedoms of its residents in accordance with its legislation. These countries enough to accept 6 of 9 created articles, they also have the right to refuse to perform those items whose implementation is not possible.

Olympic Charter

This is the main document that regulates the activity of the Olympic Committee. In the XIX century interstate relations in the field of sport began to develop actively. Was created separate committees responsible for different kinds of events. Gradually it was decided to form a Committee that would regulate international relations in the field of sports, and he, in turn, adopted the decision on creation of the Olympic Charter. It was a turning point for the world.the Olympic Charter is

This document regulates all that relates to many different areas of sports cooperation between the countries. Here are described the rules of the Olympic games, including organizational, participation, structure, procedure and the creation of programs. The document also contains the rules governing the arbitration, and much more.


History knows many legal acts which one way or another affect the lives of people. The Charter, described above, and were the most important of these documents and because of them, especially the Magna card, today all people are free.

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