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Leonid Rogozov became famous all over the world. A surgeon by profession, who was able to independently operate on yourself. Surgery to remove the inflamed Appendix lasted 1.5 hours. Our article is dedicated to the biography of the famous surgeon. Also will talk about his family and a remarkable feat.

Childhood Mace

Leonid Rogozov was born in Transbaikalia. His father worked as a chauffeur, and his mother-a milkmaid. The family lived in poverty after the authorities took their latest, including the rich. Immediately after "dispossession" Mace was sent to Alma-ATA. But they did not stay long, and in 1936 moved to Minusinsk. Leonid just turned 2 years. Until that time, he already had his older brother and sister, and in Minusinsk there was also a Junior.Leonid Rogozov


When the war started, father Leonid was taken to the front, where he died in 1943. his Mother worked all day till night on the logging. And Leon, as the most responsible, remained in charge. As told one of the sisters, he was always around to help. First cared for others and only in last turn thought of myself.

The Life of Leonid after the war

After the war, Leonid was able to graduate. He graduated seven years and enrolled in school at the specialty "Overman". Profession were not his, but the family lacked money, and the students received a scholarship. Leonid tried to alleviate the life of the mother, and studied diligently, getting straight a's.

Then he went into the army. After his service, he decided to visit his brother who lived in Leningrad. The city Leonid liked it so much that he decided to move there for permanent residence. In Leningrad in 1953, he enrolled in the Pediatric medical Institute. Study was given easily. In 1959, he graduated from the Institute and was enrolled in a surgical residency. During an expedition to Antarctica, he had to temporarily interrupt their studies. The practice of a young doctor Leonid Rogozov was held in Minusinsk. Subsequently, he worked in different hospitals. His medical career, Leonid graduated, he is in charge of the surgical Department of the Leningrad research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology.Leonid Rogozov operation


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Hobbies and character Mace

Leonidas was talented, very sociable person. He always cared about others, was very gallant with the ladies. His Hobbies were sports and music. Leonid was engaged with the rods, went skiing, played football. He was always drawn to everything new, unknown. Many girls were in love with him. But Leonid had met only one. Together, they have been not meant to be. The girl was sent to work in another city.

Expedition to Antarctica

For an expedition to Antarctica were recruited volunteer doctors. Leonid Rogozov, with his thirst for knowledge of everything new, agreed immediately, without hesitation or doubt. With him he carried a huge suitcase. Only instead of clothing, he folded mostly books and not forgotten favorite weight. In this expedition he was obliged to do himself an operation for appendicitis. Through this experience he became known to the whole world.Dr. Leonid Rogozov

An operation

In 1961 opened a new Soviet Antarctic station. Called her Novolazarevskaya. It was sent to the Antarctic expedition, which was attended by Leonid. The first wintering over at her made him famous all over the world.

April 29, 1961 Leonid felt nausea, weakness, high fever and acute pain in the region of the Appendix. Of the 13 people he was the only doctor in the expedition. Had to diagnose himself with acute appendicitis. He tried the conservative methods of treatment with antibiotics, cold, hunger and peace. But the next day it got worse. The temperature soared above.

Aircraft at that time was not on any nearest station. Even if the aircraft was flight to Novolazarevskaya station was still impossible due to bad weather conditions. To save the life of Leonid could only emergency surgery, but this required a surgeon. And as to her there was no one, there was only one option – to do the operation himself.surgeon

April 30, the night all the preparations were made. Rogozova volunteered to help weatherman, who handed the surgeon the instruments, and mechanical engineer, who was holding the stomach of the patient a mirror and guided to the surgical site the light from the lamp. The station master on duty there to insure assistants Leonid and replace them if they become ill from the sight.

In the supine position Rogozov made a injection of novocaine. Then a scalpel incision in the right iliac region. The mirror even helped, but distorted display. Therefore, an inflamed Appendix had to search with their bare hands, without gloves. To find it by touch was difficult, and Leonid it took a lot of time – almost 40 minutes. But still he did it. The wound had stitches, besides the surgeon when the incision has damaged other internal organ, and it too had “treating”.

As Rogozov by this time very weak, then the end of the operation took place more slowly. Began dizziness, appeared General weakness. But Leonid still completed the mission successfully and after 7 days stitches were removed. This event not only brought the young surgeon of world fame. Thus was born the songdedicated to Leonid Rogozov. Wrote Vladimir Vysotsky.the song is dedicated to Leonid Rogozov

Personal life Mace

The Expedition returned from Antarctica in Leningrad in 1962. Leonid brought home a penguin who was made a Scarecrow. It was his talisman, which the surgeon put in his received new two-room apartment. Since he was not married to him moved mom to help at home.

So famous was Leonid Rogozov. The operation has made it famous around the world, and the young surgeon began to come a lot of letters. One of them interested him. Girl Marcela from Czechoslovakia were invited to visit the surgeon. As Rogozov spoke several languages, he decided to accept the invitation and practice in the Czech.

As soon As he saw Marcel, immediately realized that this is his love. And after a few days he proposed to her. The wedding was played twice – in Czechoslovakia and in the Soviet Union. Left to live in Leningrad. They had two children: a daughter and a son. The wife of Leonid was very homesick, but he couldn't go to Czechoslovakia, where he was held a lot. As a result, while Rogozov was in the hospital, his wife Packed up, took the kids and went to Czechoslovakia. So unfortunate it ended the first marriage.

The second time, Leonid married to a Bulgarian. But after some time divorced, this marriage too was not happy. Then he decided to fully immerse oneself in the work. Came home only to sleep, all the time wasted in the hospital.Antarctic expedition

The Death of Leonid Mace

In the late 90-ies Rogozov was going to her brother, who lived in Tuapse. Leonid wanted to sell his apartment and buy a small house. Before leaving, he decided to undergo a full medical examination. The results showed that he had cancer of the stomach. Had the surgery, but it did not help, and Rogozov died in 2000.

The burial Plot found only at the Kovalevskoye cemetery. There was no choice: I had to agree. The place was swamped. Was followed to the grave by Leonid family, friends and colleagues. But both ex-wives and children came. Mother barely managed to save money from his tiny pension in a small monument.

For his simple life of Leonid Rogozov got decals and the letter of the Central Committee of the Komsomol. Awarded order of the red banner.

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