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The relatives and friends of people — family. It can be quite small, consisting only of parents and children. And sometimes it is difficult to imagine without grandparents, aunts and uncles, and sisters with brothers. In any case, the riddle about the family are interesting to children of all ages. After all, what could be better than finding the answer to a task which is close and clear.

The Poem with the clue “family”

Is an umbrella term that includes many different relatives. So puzzles about the family for children it is better to start with a generalized term.

A Lot of mysteries in the world is.

These wondering native calls.

The Riddle about mom, rebus about dad,

About the aunt and uncle, sister or brother.

The Whole family as a team for the ship,

Our Large and friendly...riddles about the family

Two More short mysteries about a family with which to handle even a preschooler.

1. Without her in this world not live.

It should be very much cherished.

Adults, children, you and me -

Necessarily support the native...

2. Who rebus is a simple guess,

The native word finds.

Zitrka seven and is friends with her “I”,

To get big...

Poems with solutions “mom” and “dad”

This is a logical continuation of the game in riddles about family for kids. Mom and dad — the main people in the life of any person. Child in particular. So the mystery of them delivered the first of those will be about other family members.

The First three puzzles about mom.

1. It certainly fond of children,

She's cuter than all the world.

Every child said stubbornly:

“Kinder all my...”

2. In my room on a shelf a picture is worth.

Happy Woman looking at me.

If I am sad sometimes, looking at a frame.

Immediately warms the eyes of his beloved...

3. By day she worked and played with me,

House beautiful made and very tired.

I'll play softly, Wake her not going,

I Regret, my dear...

riddles about family for kids

The Following three riddles about the family with the answers «dad”. He is also important person in the life of every child.

1. Who all the hard work

Made on Friday, Saturday?

He deftly wielded a saw, a shovel.

In the country's first worker — our...

2. He will teach the son how to score a stud,

When you're older, you drive a car.

Describe in Detail how to become the most brave,

Agile and strong, in fact, skillful.

3. Who can the son teach

Screwdriver to Unscrew the screw?

To drive a Nail, a saw to cut?

A dear mother to protect and love?

Poems with solutions “brother” and “sister”

As in many families more than one child, these jobs are usually easy to solve. In any case, there are at least cousins and sisters. Or friends and neighbors. Still mysteries about the family is incomplete without such assignments.


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mysteries about a family of answers

Answers in the first two is the word “brother”. The third mystery about her sister.

1. In our house there was a very smart kid.

From the cradle he was released and is now crawling on his belly.

Growing faster than all our wonderful boy,

And I always call him “my little...”

2. In our family I'm the youngest

There is another boy, a senior.

Mom and dad he also is calling?

Who is he? Who is going to call him?

3. In our family I'm the oldest,

I Have a younger brother.

And a teenage girl,

I like it — the youngest...

Poems about grandparents, aunts, and uncles

Without them it is difficult to imagine riddles about family for preschoolers. Assignments with answers about grandparents should be required. Below are the riddles about them.

1. She always caresses the grandchildren

Sweet bakes pies.

It is always delicious pancakes.

This is our...

2. We will arrive at a house in the village.

It will open the jam.

She'll put out treats,

Candles do not count on her birthday.

3. All his life he worked hard.

And now long since retired.

It all surrounds love, care.

Old but still fun with him.

4. He labored many years, not knowing boredom

Now calluses covered his hands.

Wrinkles In his face and his hair was all white

The Most favorite and good — this is my...

riddles about family for preschoolers

And the mystery about the grandmother and grandfather together.

Autumn holiday is not invented for nothing.

On this day remember the elderly person.

Stop as soon As the light of dawn

Don't forget to Congratulate your...

Riddles about the family continue those answers which are the words: aunt and uncle.

1. To us came to visit my mom's sister,

Her her already grown children.

For me They are also brother and sister.

Their mother I just a good...

2. And what about the man to my aunt arrived?

Dad called came children.

It fits To me with a smile and looking:

“Hello, friend" tells memy...

These puzzles can be continued, because the family ties did not end there. There is also the great-grandparents, father-in-law and mother-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law.

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