Exotic country of Zimbabwe. The capital Harare is a dynamic metropolis


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This historical and cultural centre of Zimbabwe was named the worst city to stay in the most expensive capital in the world. However, the country only 20 years ago was regarded as developed, attracts a huge tourist flows, but the economic situation is, unfortunately, not yet corrected.

Natural Gate to the treasure

Many travelers primarily attracted by the amazing nature of Zimbabwe. The capital Harare, still completely exotic, – a kind of gate, opening the way to the natural attractions of the country. It should be noted another fact, which is for those who love the danger and the risk of men decisive – in this country allowed to hunt elephants, buffaloes, antelopes. Well, all the other beckons a breathtaking wilderness.

Dynamic metropolis

Zimbabwe's Capital Harare, called on behalf of the great leader, founded in 1890 by the Europeans. The largest administrative centre, surrounded by lush greenery and offers foreigners many opportunities to make your vacation memorable and striking. The name Harare is translated as “the one who never sleeps”, and it really is a vibrant city, full of feverish energy. The style of life corresponds to the bustling cities, which come to rest tourists.Zimbabwe's capital Harare

The Lush greenery of the city

A Relatively young capital has no ancient architectural monuments, but none of the traveler will not be dissatisfied from the long trip to Zimbabwe. The capital with almost two million people wonderfully combines modern skyscrapers and green vegetation sprouting through the concrete.


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The City is immersed in the evergreen exotic trees and flowers, like in the ocean. Those who are tired of city noise, waiting for the quiet old streets of the picturesque appearance: over the pavements like a hanging porch supported by ancient columns from the past centuries. Many of the buildings in the old part of the capital are protected as historical monuments.

National gallery

In addition to the amazing natural landscapes which are famous in Zimbabwe's capital Harare is not deprived of cultural monuments. The national gallery possesses a huge collection devoted to the art of the peoples of Africa. Original paintings and sculptures tell you about the formation of the country, freeing it from colonial rule and seeking independence.

Harare Gardens

A Favourite tourist destination has long been a major Park, Zimbabwe. The capital invites guests to plunge into the colorful atmosphere so I love all the urban lovers, and no wedding ceremony passes without striking photos taken on the background of miniature model of Victoria falls and the dense tropical forests. Plays captivating live music and a very crowded and fun. But at night years all the aliens warn of a possible assault with intent to Rob.Zimbabwe's capital city Harare

Local market

The Mbar Musica – famous African Bazaar, which is famous for the capital of Zimbabwe. The city of Harare invites all tourists to take part in national festivals and concerts that take place in the huge market, striking their colors. A large number of souvenir shops with handmade products will satisfy the most refined taste. The indigenous population sells everything from spices, exotic fruits to traditional musical instruments, its crafts in clay and wood.

Zimbabwe capital

It is a Pity that because of the huge unemployment, high inflation is now in the economic ruin of Zimbabwe. Capital, as has been repeatedly noticed by travellers, in spite of everything, very cheerful, unlike the other cities of the African country. As has been said, the modern city is hoping to rectify the situation through the introduction of new spectacular tourist routes.

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