How to write essays about myself? How to tell about myself right?


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Often in schools we ask students to write essays about yourself. These jobs are usually given in high school, because in 16-17 years students think deliberately and Express their thoughts on this subject.

Main idea

essays about myself

Essays about myself are a popular form of creative work. Thinking over the text with a specific subject, a student is not only perplexing design and structuring, he also begins to think about what he should write.

The theme Itself is marked very abstract, and in this case it is a plus. While most of the students ask for specifics, to make it immediately clear what to write about. But here the main idea lies in the fact that the author talked about yourself what you want it to him. It may be his job, passion, purpose in life, towards other people. The main thing - to mention a topic that would concern itself. This is the essence of writing essays about yourself.

Elements of reasoning

It is Not necessary to turn the text into a solid story. Though this is the main objective - or rather, the specifics of the genre, you should dilute the presentation of the elements of reasoning. What might it look like? In fact, such techniques are highly relevant. Here is a good example: "I dream to finish school and go to University N. Why him? Because it is the most prestigious in our city. In fact, I understand that it is not so important the prestige and status of the University, as what I have approach to this case. Besides, while studying there, where there is too much load, you can spare time to do something different, to grow, to work, to devote time to themselves and improve themselves".


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This is a small excerpt clearly shows the presence of elements of reasoning. Initially there is a statement, and then the author proves it, but uses it for that, not arguments or facts, and their own thoughts and ideas. By the way, if the author has such a verbal art and is able to correctly insert similar passages, it is possible to fill them all essay - the main thing that was in the measure.

 essay about myself

Structure and layout

Well, the student who writes an essay on the topic "About myself" is not the first time, unfamiliar with how to properly execute it. In General, any work of this kind looks standard and consists of three parts. The first is the introduction. Then follows the main part, followed by the conclusion. In principle, nothing unusual, it is necessary to adhere to this common structure.

But if the writing of essays on a specific given topic (friendship, sports, love) to start the thought is easy, in the event with a story about how it is harder to do. Always very convenient to start with a question. For example, you can: "Who am I? At first glance, no noticeable guy of small stature with dark hair and the same eyes. But I, like every person, has its own peculiarities. And I would like to share them." Even more original is such a beginning: "blonde hair, blue eyes. Trim figure, high voice. Always slightly narrowed gaze. This is me!"

Aims and objectives

composing a life story

You should Always start writing intriguing to the text I wanted to read to the end. It must be a composition-a story about them, fun and entertaining. The reader should have a desire to get to know the person better, and the writing in this case can play the role of the announcement of acquaintance.

Of Course, it is not necessary to advertise themselves and to be exposed only in the best light. No, the goal here is not it. The role of essay about yourself, to show the person as he sees himself. That is what is in fact.

So the main thing when writing this work is sincerity. And, of course, it is suitable to complete such a story. You can do it simple or special - there is matter. Importantly, the phrase was succinct and clear. As they say, brevity is the soul of wit, but how the finished composition will decide to have the author himself.

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