However The Sony Marmeladova. A story of life, fate and the mercy of the heroine of the novel "Crime and punishment" Sonia Marmeladova


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Raskolnikov Rodion Romanovich - the poor and the humiliated student, the main character of the novel "Crime and punishment". The author of the work is Dostoevsky Fyodor. For a psychological contrast to the theory of Rodion Romanovich was the writer of the created image Sony Marmeladova. Both characters are at a young age. Raskolnikov and Sonia Marmeladova faced with a hard situation, I don't know what to do next. the life story of the Sony Marmeladova

The Image of Raskolnikov

At the beginning of the narrative the reader sees Raskolnikov's inappropriate behavior. Hero all the time nervous, his state of constant anxiety, and the behavior seems suspicious. In the course of events can be understood that Rodion – the person who is obsessed with his idea. All his thought - that people are divided into two types. The first type-it's higher society, and he includes his identity. And the second type – "a loathsome creature". For the first time this theory he prints in a newspaper article called "offence". From the article it becomes clear that "higher" have the right to ignore the moral law and to destroy the "loathsome creature" to achieve their personal goals. According to the description of Raskolnikov, these poor people need biblical precepts and morality. New legislators who will manage the gray mass, can be considered "higher", Bonaparte is an example for such legislators. But the Dissenters on the way to "higher" does things to a whole new level, without even noticing it. Raskolnikov and Sonia Marmeladova

History life Sony Marmeladova

A character the reader learns from the story of her father, which was addressed to Rodion Romanovich. Marmalade Semyon Zakharovich – an alcoholic, lives with his wife (Katerina Ivanovna), has three small children. His wife and children are starving, the father drinks. Have Sonia Marmeladov's daughter by a first wife, rents an apartment "the yellow ticket". Semyon Zakharovich tells Raskolnikov that the daughter went to such a life because of stepmother, which reproached her that she "drinks, eats and enjoys the warmth", that is, darmody. So the family lives Marmeladova. However the Sony Marmeladova that in itself it is unrequited girl, don't hold a grudge, "bending over backwards" to help sick and hungry stepmother half-brothers and sisters, not to mention his own father who is ill with alcoholism. Semyon Zakharovich shares his memories about how he found and lost his job as propyl uniform, which the daughter bought with my earned money, and how he has enough conscience to ask his daughter for money "the hangover". Sonja gave him a last, never reproaching it. what is the truth Sony Marmeladova


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The heroine's Tragedy

The Fate of the Sony Marmeladova similar in many respects to the situation of Rodion. They play in the society is the same role. Rodion Romanovich lives in the attic in the squalid little room. As the author sees this room: cage small size, approx 6 steps, has poor form. The tall man feels in this room uncomfortable. Raskolnikov is so poor that more is impossible, but to the surprise of the reader he feels well, his spirit fell. The same poverty has forced Sonia to go on the street to earn money. Girl unhappy. Her fate is cruel to her. But the morale of the heroine is not broken. On the contrary, in seemingly inhumane conditions Sonya Marmeladova finds the only dignified way out. She chooses the path of religion and sacrifice. The author shows us the character as a person is able to feel someone else's pain and suffering, while being unhappy. The girl can not only understand others, but also to direct on the right path, to forgive, to accept other people's suffering. So, we see how the heroine pity to Katerina Ivanovna, calling her "fair child" unhappy. Sonja saves her children, then regret dying father. This, like other scenes, it inspires sympathy and respect to the girl. And it is not surprising that then your mental anguish of Rodion will share it with Sophia.

Raskolnikov and Sonia Marmeladova

the truth Sony Marmeladova

His secret Rodion decided to tell it to Sophia, but not Porfiry Petrovich. It is, in his opinion, was like no other, able to judge his conscience. While her opinion will differ significantly from the court Porphyria. Raskolnikov, despite his crime, craved the human understanding of love, tenderness. He wanted to see the "higher light", which is able to bring him out of darkness to support. Hope Raskolnikov's understanding of Sophia realized. Rodion Romanovich cannot make contact with people. It seems to him that all he gets bullied and you know what did it. Contrary to his vision of truth Sony Marmeladova. The girl stands for humanity, kindness, forgiveness. After learning about his crime, she does not reject him, but rather hugs, kisses and says unconscious that "no one in the world more ruthless now."

Real life

Despite all this, periodically Rodion Romanovich returns to earth and sees all that is happening in the real world. One of these days he becomes a witness of how a drunken officer Seeds Marmeladov confuses the horse. During his lastthe words of the author first describes Sofya Semyonovna. Sonia was smaller, she was about eighteen. The girl was skinny, but handsome, blonde, with attractive blue eyes. On a place of accident comes Sonia. Father died on her lap. She sends her younger sister to see where Raskolnikov lives, to return him the money that he gave at the funeral of his father. After a while Sophia goes to Rodion Romanovich, to invite to the Wake. So she shows him her gratitude.

family Marmeladova really Sony Marmeladova

Commemoration of the father

In the event there is a scandal on the grounds that Sonia is accused of stealing. Everything was settled peacefully, but Katerina Ivanovna, along with the children evicted from the apartment. Now everything is doomed to die. Raskolnikov tries to find out Sophia, if she had her way, would she kill Luzhin, a man who was unjustly slandered her, saying that she's a thief. On this question, Sophia gave a philosophical answer. Rodion Romanovich in Sonia finds something familiar, perhaps, is that both of them rejected. destiny Sony Marmeladova He's trying to see in her the understanding that his theory is wrong. Now Rodion ready to self-destruct, and Sonya – "the daughter that the stepmother evil and chococino, children and young stranger betrayed". Sofya Semyonovna rely on your moral compass, which for her is important and clear – it is the wisdom that is described in the Bible as a purifying suffering. Dissenters, of course, shared with Marmeladova a story about his actions, listening to him, she did not turn away. Here's the truth Sony Marmeladova - in the manifestation of feelings of pity, sympathy Rodion. The heroine had convinced him to go and repent for what he did, based on the parable, which was studied in the Bible about the resurrection of Lazarus. Sonia agrees to share with Rodion Romanovich heavy routine of convict life. So not only mercy manifests the Sony Marmeladova. She does this in order to purify themselves, as he believes that violates the biblical commandments.

mercy Sony Marmeladova

What unites the Church with Rodion

What can be described Marmeladov and Raskolnikov at the same time? For example, convicts who are serving time in a cell with Rodion Romanovich, I love Sonya, who regularly visit it, but with disdain to see him. Raskolnikov want to kill and constantly make fun of him, what not Imperial this business, "the ax in his bosom to wear." Sofya Semyonovna since childhood has its own ideas about people and life adheres to them. She never looks down on people, has respect for them and regret.


I would Like to conclude, on the basis of mutual relations the main characters of the novel. What did Sony really Marmeladova? If on the path of Rodion Romanovich appeared Sofya Semyonovna with their life values and ideals, that his life would end very soon in the painful throes of self-destruction. That's the truth Sony Marmeladova. Due to this tie in the middle of the novel the author has the ability to logically complete images of the main characters. Two different views and two analyses of the same situation give the novel credibility. However Sony Marmeladova opposed to the theory of Rodion and his worldview. The famous Russian writer was able to breathe life into the main characters and successfully resolve the worst things that happened in their lives. Such completion of the novel puts the "Crime and Punishment" near the great works, which are in the list of world literature. Every student, every student should read this novel.

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