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Before we talk about what the biggest island of the Earth, it should be understood that generally is an island. Some, when they hear the word, picture the images of resort areas, for example, Crete, the Maldives, Sicily, others immediately before my eyes pictures from adventure action movies.

Small and large Islands of the world really keep many secrets and mysteries, and still open new interesting facts about these pieces of land, surrounded on all sides by water.

The largest island of the Earth. Name

In total on our planet there are more than 500 thousand Islands. They all have different sizes: tiny and huge. Do you know what the biggest island of the Earth? Many people mistakenly believe that this is Australia. It seemed that everything was right – this plot of land has an area of 7600 square kilometers and surrounded on all sides by water. But still Australia is considered an island continent, not the actual island. Then what is the largest island in the world? This is Greenland, comparable in size to Australia three times, but the superior area of most modern countries. Below will tell you more about it.what is the biggest island of the earth

Greenland-the largest island of the Earth (+photos)

The Area of this part of the land is 2130,8 thousand sq. km Geographical miracle belongs to Denmark, and could significantly increase the area of the country, but this is prevented by the relief and climate: more than 80 percent of the earth's surface covered ice sheet. This is not surprising because Greenland is close to the North pole, and is washed by its waters of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans partially. All this makes Greenland one of the most unusual, vivid, majestic and beautiful places on our planet. Landscapes of the island are so beautiful that they take your breath away. Here are just a few who can live there, because even in summer the air is heated to a temperature slightly above zero degrees. What can we say about the winter, when normal are considered to be temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius!


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However, harsh weather conditions do not stop tourists, and many come to the island in order to see the majestic ice to observe the unique fauna of severe, but such a beautiful Greenland. It is recommended to visit it in the summer when in addition, you can admire the still white nights.the largest island of the land called

Here it is – the largest island in the world. But on our planet there are a lot of other significant land masses surrounded by water. They are also interesting, therefore, continue to consider the biggest island of the Earth.

New Guinea

This is the second largest island (786 sq km) in the world. Unlike Greenland, it is completely located in the Pacific ocean, in the Western part. Accordingly, the climate here is quite different. Tropical, rich and diverse nature, warm and affectionate sea – that has to offer New Guinea. Interestingly, this island was separated by two countries that rarely occurs. One part belongs to Papua-New Guinea, and the other – Indonesia.

Of Course, each state would like to have at the disposal of the entire island, but the half – is not bad! New Guinea scientists believe one of the last places on earth that are still not fully explored. Not so long ago the island was discovered the area later called as New Eden, with dozens of unknown or presumed extinct plants and animals. And, most surprisingly, the inhabitants of the ‘garden of Eden" not at all afraid of people.the biggest island of the earth


Of Course, describing the biggest island of the Earth, it is impossible to ignore this part of the land. Kalimantan has an area of 743,33 thousand sq km and, like New Guinea, is rich in nature and beauty. The island belongs to three countries: more than 70% of the territory disposes of Indonesia, almost all the rest is owned by Malaysia, and only a small portion went to Brunei.

As Kalimantan crosses the equator, the climate here is suitable: hot and humid. Most of the area (over 80%) is occupied by tropical forests, where they live wild tribes. Now they have become more civilized and happy to show tourists their dance battle, and also sell Souvenirs.large Islands of the world


After the release of the animated film of the same name about Madagascar probably recognized by every person. Since then, this largest island with an area of 587,041 sq km, has become a dream of a large number of travelers. It is situated in the Indian ocean, and its main attraction and wealth are considered to be the amazing inhabitants, most of which are endemic, that is, cannot be found anywhere else. There are numerous lemurs, chameleons, and giant fossa, and geckos, and bats, and turtles. Zoologists and botanists are just thrilled with delight, coming here and discovering new species of fauna and flora. But those who are not very interested in flora and fauna, will be interesting to enjoy the magnificent beaches of Madagascar!what is the biggest island

Baffin island

The five of the largest Islands by area closes this cold and inhospitable part of the land belonging to Canada (the area is 507,451 sq km). The climate here is similar to that of Greenland, it is the same windy and frosty, but at the same time attractive and fascinating in its severity. In addition to the few residents here still live and Norse gods, at least, no one stops to think so! Baffin island is known for its rock close to one of the world's highest cliffs Torah and table mountain of Asgard.


It So happened that some of the largest Islands of the Earth if not entirely, then at least partly owned by Indonesia. Here and Sumatra, with an area of 473 sq km, disposes of this country. The specified island is almost equally divided by the equator, respectively, located in two hemispheres of our planet.

Sumatra lies in the Western part of the Malay archipelago and is included in the group of the greater Sunda Islands. The coastline is indented slightly, and near the coast are coral reefs.the largest island of the earth photo

United Kingdom

The Area of this plot of land surrounded by water, is 229,848 sq km, and most other large Islands of the Earth, UK a very interesting view. Here is the Scotland, England and Wales. The coastline has a length of 966 kilometers from North to South and the width of the island reaches up to 483 kilometers.


It is the eighth largest island in the world (227,97 sq km) and largest in the Japanese archipelago. It accounts for 60 percent of the area of all Japan. The relief is mountainous therefore there are many volcanoes. Also here is a permanent symbol of Japan-mount Fuji.


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