Butterflies of the world. The names of butterflies and their description


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Butterfly – it's very sophisticated, fragile and delicate. Surprising variety of patterns and colors of these creatures. Compare them with unusual fluttering flowers. But more people are surprised at how a caterpillar can be transformed into such a charming creature.


Butterflies – this is one of the 34 orders of the class insects belong to the type of arthropods and the animal Kingdom. They number more than 350, 000 species, among which there are both day and night representatives.

names of the butterflies

The order Lepidoptera, which includes these amazing creatures, is divided into many suborders. The basis of the classification takes the shape of the wings of these insects. For convenience, throughout the world decided to write the names of butterflies in Latin.

General characteristics

During its development, these invertebrates go through four stages:

  • Stage eggs. During this period, the adult insect lays eggs round or oval shape, which are disposed on one or in groups, depending on the species.
  • Stage larvae occurs after emergence from the eggs the caterpillars. Since the main objective of the insect at this stage was the accumulation of nutrients, all members have a well-developed jaw and good appetite. Food for them can be both vegetable and animal organisms. During this period, the body size of the insect increases, sometimes even thousands of times. The larva undergoes several molts.
  • The pupal stage occurs after the larva has reached the required weight. Her body is covered with a thick shell, she ceases to feed and move. After this metamorphosis, the process of adjustment of the organism. As a result of a large voracious caterpillar formed the extraordinary beauty of the adult butterfly.
  • The stage of an adult insect - the imago. Starts with proryvnye shell. That is in appearance at this stage and compiled the names of butterflies. For example, butterfly steklenica got its name because of the transparent wings. The main function of the body at this stage – the dispersal and reproduction. Most members have sucking mouthparts (proboscis) and is able to move actively. They have two pairs of wings that are covered with modified setae-scales.

The Most rare representatives

Butterflies of the world and their names are dazzling, every insect in its way, beautiful. Unfortunately, in recent years the number of species decreases, and they require protection. The list of endangered species can be found in the red book of the world. It outlines the name of the butterfly alphabet, the description of the habitat of each species and the approximate number.


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Due to the deterioration of the ecological situation on the planet these types have become rare.

  • Ordinary Apollo (Parnassius apollo). To the extinction of this representative gave him a bad ability to flight, which he became easy prey for predators. The species is very susceptible to changes in environmental conditions and is powered only by sunlight.

butterflies of the world and their names

  • Mnemosyne (Parnassius mnemosyne). Their black color was the reason for the appearance of the second the names of butterflies-Black Apollo. The reason for the decline in the number – poor ability to fly, trapping, reducing food supply and habitat.
  • Bram European (Brahmaea europaea). Today is under protection, the cause of extinction – small, limited area of habitation.

Butterfly records

No less noteworthy and butterflies and the words:

  • Thysania Agrippina – the largest member of the order Lepidoptera. Leads a night way of life and feeds on the leaves of Cassia. Living in Mexico and South America. Both pairs of wings are scalloped on the edges, their color varies from white to dark brown.

the names of butterflies and their descriptions

  • Casinoshare Hercules – the largest butterfly in the world, which leads night life. The size of the female insect can reach 28 cm Meet these representatives in Australia and New Guinea. The large size is not only the imago and the caterpillar. Its length is 16-18 cm

But even those insects that do not grow to large sizes, are striking in their beauty. You should consider the names of butterflies with the smallest size:

  • Acetose lives in the UK. Its wingspan and body length of only 2 mm. And even with those dimensions, she attracts the attention of bright color in shades of blue. In his short life, which is about 10 days, the butterfly manages to give two generations of offspring. All members feed on nectar or pollen of flowers.

title butterfly alphabet

  • Reticulata found in the Canary Islands.
  • Moth. The extent of the wings from 1 to 5 cm And the shape of the wings and the colors varied.

The Value of the butterflies

As with all animals on the planet, the butterflies are both positive and negative value. Most species are beneficial, pollinating plants. Those that feed on weeds, is used as a biological way of dealing with them. At the same time insects can cause harm to agriculture by eating the crops in the fields.

names of the butterflies

Many lovers of the beauty of these insects create collections, each of them has plates that have the name of the butterflies and their description. These meetings are used not only as Souvenirs, but also for scientific purposes.


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